Week 10 Crash! Landen Top 25 College Poll

The song remains the same at the top. My Top 3 have been there the entire year. I don’t think that’ll change until the SEC Championship Game where “bama wil play UF and one of them will have to drop. My bet’s on Florida being knocked off in that game. It’s funny to see some of the teams I had back then have completely dropped out of my Top 25: Oklahoma (who were in the National Title Talk before they played their first game), the resurgances of Michigan, the Huskers, Florida State have all fizzled, North Carolina, Ole Miss (Over-rated from the outset),  Georgia, Virginia Tech, and others have dropped out of sight for now. FSU can still salvage the season if they can get to the ACC Title Game, though. I’m holding my breath. (Muffled “Go ‘Noles”!)

#1 Florida (8-0)

#2 Texas (8-0)

#3 Alabama (8-0)

#4 Iowa (9-0)

#5 Cincinatti (8-0)

#6 TCU (8-0)

#7 LSU (7-1)

#8 Boise State (8-0)

#9 Georgia Tech (8-1)

#10 Oregon  (7-1)

#11 Penn State  (8-1)

#12 Pittsburgh (7-1)

#13 Utah (7-1)

#14 Houston (7-1)

#15 Oklahoma State (6-2)

#16 USC (6-2)

#17 Ohio State (6-2)

#18 Notre Dame (6-2)

#19 Miami (6-2)

#20 Arizona (5-2)

#21 BYU  (6-2)

#22 Wisconsin (6-2)

#23 California (6-2)

#24 South Florida(6-2)

#25 Clemson (5-3)


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