30 Days, 30 Characters…

I’ll have to get the  link to the site, but here’s my first NEW  character design for the 3o Characters in 30 Days Challenge by Tyler James…

StinkeyebyCrashLandenI’ll post it there and then come back and update this.

**** Heree’s what I wrote on that site.****

I didn’t realize it’s getting so late and got a little carried away on the coloring. I probably won’t do that again. But, here’s my first drawing, possibly for something I’m working on at the moment. I call him Stink-Eye.

I put the Coke can in there to help show that he’s a little guy. And for shallow product placement … Of course, the Coke can could be one of those props that are like 6 feet tall. Or even bigger! But he IS carrying a sheathed needle to also show that he’s small… But that could be a prop, too. Crap. Okay as far as anyone knows that’s a normal 12 ounce can of Coke. He has a toy sword sheath that is strapped to his back by way of yarn, that he carries his little needle in, just in case he wants to muss somebody up.

He’s modest so he’s got on some of those ‘Beastmaster’ era drawers. He’s also one of those people with really sweaty hands that leave fingerprints on everything. I hate those people… Wait. I’m one of those people. Forget I said that, we sweaty palmed people have to stick together.

Obviously he’s built for sneakin’ around. He’s almost as quick as a cockroach with better vision. And sweatier palms.

So here he is: Stink-Eye in all of his little sweaty palmed glory. With almost 3 hours to spare.

-Crash! Landen


Sorry, about the plug. I have no shame when I’m ridin’ the intra-net…. Yes…. I said INTRA-net. I do that sometimes.


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