Week 8 Aftermath

‘Noles win! ‘Noles win! ‘Noles win! ‘Noles win!… Sorry. It’s been a while. Yes the ‘Noles come back from 18 down on the road to get a win. The defense started to look a little better in the 2nd half, but I’m cautioned by the fact that NC runs an offense that is tailor made for FSU. A weak offense at that. Ponder continues to play well, along with the O-Line for the most part. The crazy thing is with 4 losses (3 in conference) FSU can STILL WIN THE ACC!!!

Clemson surprised Miami in Ot, but it wasn’t a shocking surprise. Clemson may have the best player in college football with CJ Spiller. Cincinatti continues to impress me, as does Georgia Tech. I would love to see FSU have another crack at them, although Mickey Andrews and FSU’s defense may not want to see them again. TCU beating BYU by 28 was impressive. The Horned Frogs are doing their part to crash the party. If they beat Utah, there’s no stopping them. Wow, if Boise State, Cincinatti, Iowa AND TCU finish unbeaten… That will be an ugly mess at the end, BCS or no BCS.

Florida was in a bit of a struggle (and got the benefit of yet ANOTHER SEC game blown call), but not nearly as much as Alabama was. Typical, traditional, defensive, smashmouth, ugly, block the kick to preserve the National Championship hopes kind of Alabama win. They love these kinds of games. They probably LET Tennessee get the fumble, TD and the onside kick at the end in order to HAVE that ugly of a win. Saban was inwardly happy thanks to those last 3 minutes. Lots for him to complain about… I like Nick Saban.

Notre Dame having to eek another one out was a little of a surprise to me. I know they were coming off the emotional game last week, but c’mon… Clausen will probably go pro after this year and they have a lot of seniors on that team. Even if they finish strong, the future still doesn’t look bright for Charlie Weiss. Next year, his team may resemble the team they had with Clausen as a Freshman. A struggling team. Poor Charlie.

The Iowa/Michigan State game was a classic. I knew that one would be close, but not THAT close. Iowa wins throwing it into the endzone on 4th and goal with time expiring to preserve their undefeated season. It’s mindboggling that Iowa has never been 8-0. NEVER. Haven’t they been playing for a hundred years or so? Unbelievable. This team is definitely overachieving.

And my Preseason pick keeps chugging along… Texas keeps winning in nonchalant fashion. Sure they blow out Missouri, but it was a pedestrian blowout. Colt McCoy still hasn’t played his best game. He’s played really good, but he still hasn’t looked like he did last year when they SHOULD HAVE been playing for the title. Right now, I still think ‘Bama is playing the best. Even with the squeaker, today, against a very strong Tennessee defense in a rivalry game. Right now I would pick them to beat Texas, but there’s still a long way to go.

Okay, the totals coming in to this week….
Totals: 109-30 in Top 25 Picks. 30-20 in ‘Other Notable Games. Against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich (in ACC picks) I am 39-18 to her 39-18. And I’m 1-8 vs ‘The Gut’.

#1 Florida 29 Mississippi State 19 Crash! Picked: Florida

#2 Alabama 12 Tennessee 10 Crash! Picked: Alabama

#3 Texas 41 Missouri 7 Crash! Picked: Texas

#4 Boise State 54 Hawaii 9 Crash! Picked: Boise State

#5 Cincinatti 41 Louisville 10 Crash! Picked: Cincinatti

#6 Iowa 15 Michigan State 13 Crash! Picked: Iowa

#7 USC 42 Oregon State 36 Crash! Picked: USC

#8 TCU 38 BYU 7 Crash! Picked: BYU (Crash! and Burn)

#9 LSU 31 Auburn 10 Crash! Picked: LSU

#10 Miami 37 Clemson 40 Crash! Picked: Miami (Clemson wins in OT)

#11 Oregon 43 Washington 19 Crash! Picked: Oregon

#12 Georgia Tech 34 Virginia 9 Crash! Picked: Georgia Tech

#13 Penn State 35 Michigan 10 Crash! Picked: Michigan (Crash! and Burn)

#15 Oklahoma State 34 Baylor 7 Crash! Picked: OSU

#17 Houston 38 Southern Methodist 15 Crash! Picked: Houston

#18 Utah 23 Air Force 6 Crash! Picked: Air Force (against the gut…of course)

#19 Ohio State 38 Minnesota 15 Crash! Picked: OSU

#20 Pitt 41 South Florida 14 Crash! Picked: Pitt

#22 Arizona 27 UCLA 13 Crash! Picked: Arizona

#23 West Virginia 28 UConn 24 Crash! Picked: UConn

#24 South Carolina 14 Vanderbilt 10 Crash! Picked: SCU

#25 Kansas 13 Oklahoma 35 Crash! Picked: Oklahoma (Kansas blew it against Colorado… They may not win another game with the exception of their instate rival.)

Sooooo 17-5 there, which isn’t too bad. 0-1 vs the Gut. I was picking the UConn game sentimentally, also. It would’ve made a good story after the stabbing death last Saturday of their Cornerback Jasper Howard.

Other Notable Games:

FSU 30 North Carolina 27 Crash! Picked: FSU (Was there ever a doubt?!)

Boston College 16 Notre Dame 20 Crash! Picked: Notre Dame

Wake Forest 10 Navy 13 Crash! Picked: Wake Forest in a defensive struggle…

Maryland 13 Duke 17 Crash! Picked: Duke (against the gut)

Arkansas 17 Mississippi 30 Crash! Picked: Arkansas

Texas A&M 52 Texas Tech 30 Crash! Picked: Texas Tech (Wow. Crash & Burn…)

Arizona State 14 Stanford 33 Crash! Picked: Stanford!

Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich went 3-3 in her ACC picks. I went 4-2, so I’m back up and feeling better. I’ll widen the gap next week.
Overall in the ‘Other Notable Games’ picks I was 4-3. Still bloody awful.
On a side note, Dinich noted on her blog that “Miami is now looking rather ordinary in the ACC”. She then gave Clemson accolades for beating the #10 team in the country. So is it impressive to beat a rather ordinary looking ACC team? Which is it, Spinach? Your logic is baffling. This was after she criticized the Clemson coach for kicking the tying field goal to send it to overtime instead of “going for the win”. Typical of her blogs.

The Totals: 126-35 in Top 25 Picks. 34-23 in ‘Other Notable Games’ (Still awful). Against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich (in ACC picks) I’m 43-20 to her 42-21. And 1-9 vs ‘the gut’.
More great games next week! Georgia/Florida, Texas/Oklahoma State, USC/Oregon and the creme de la creme(for me anyway) FSU/NC State. Go ‘Noles!


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