Week 8 Crash! Landen College Football Picks


Ummm.... Go 'Noles....

Ummm.... Go 'Noles?

#1 Florida @ Mississippi State Crash! Picked: Florida

#2 Alabama vs Tennessee Crash! Picked: Alabama

#3 Texas @ Missouri Crash! Picked: Texas

#4 Boise State @ Hawaii Crash! Picked: Boise State

#5 Cincinatti vs Louisville Crash! Picked: Cincinatti

#6 Iowa @ Michigan State Crash! Picked: Iowa (Iowa better be on Upset Alert)

#7 USC vs Oregon State Crash! Picked: USC

#8 TCU @ BYU Crash! Picked: BYU

#9 LSU vs Auburn Crash! Picked: LSU

#10 Miami vs Clemson Crash! Picked: Miami

#11 Oregon @ Washington Crash! Picked: Oregon

#12 Georgia Tech @ Virginia Crash! Picked: Georgia Tech

#13 Penn State @ Michigan Crash! Picked: Michigan

#15 Oklahoma State @ Baylor Crash! Picked: OSU

#17 Houston vs Southern Methodist Crash! Picked: Houston

#18 Utah vs Air Force Crash! Picked: Air Force (against the gut)

#19 Ohio State vs Minnesota Crash! Picked: OSU

#20 Pitt vs South Florida Crash! Picked: Pitt

#22 Arizona vs UCLA Crash! Picked: Arizona (and why is UCLA ranked this high?)

#23 West Virginia vs UConn Crash! Picked: UConn (Will be an emotional game for UConn after the stabbing death of their CB)

#24 South Carolina vs Vanderbilt Crash! Picked: SCU

#25 Kansas vs Oklahoma Crash! Picked: Oklahoma (Kansas blew it against Colorado… They may not win another game with the exception of their instate rival.)

Other Notable Games:

FSU @ North Carolina …. I don’t know if I can watch… FSU can still have a good season, but it starts here. Crash! Picked: FSU (sigh)

Boston College @ Notre Dame Crash! Picked: Notre Dame in another squeaker

Wake Forest @ Navy Crash! Picked: Wake Forest in a defensive struggle

Maryland @ Duke Crash! Picked: Duke (against the gut)

Arkansas @ Mississippi Crash! Picked: Arkansas

Texas A&M @ Texas Tech Crash! Picked: Texas Tech

Arizona State @ Stanford Crash! Picked: Stanford?


Of course, the Most Important Game Of The Week  is tonight on ESPN. Don’t embarrass yorselves, ‘Noles!… I mean… GO ‘NOLES!


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