Week 7 Aftermath

The slump continues…. There were a few upsets which is what college football is all about really. Ohio State, Nebraska, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech…. Florida survived. So did USC.  I think Notre Dame did well enough against them that Charlie will probably retain his job if the Irish keep winning. He’ll be sweating it the rest of the way, though. Texas did just enough to beat Oklahoma. Putting Bradford out of the game again, didn’t hurt. Poor guy.

96-26 in Top 25 Picks. 29-15 in ‘Other Notable Games’ . Against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich (in ACC picks) I am 36-16 to her 36-16. And 0-7 vs ‘the gut’.

Top 25 Picks

#1 Florida 23 Arkansas 20 Crash! Picked: Florida 

#2 Alabama 20 #22 South Carolina 6 Crash! Picked: BAMA

#3 Texas 16 #20 Oklahoma 13 Crash! Picked: UT

#4 Virginia Tech 23 #19 Georgia Tech 28 Crash! Picked: Georgia Tech (Against the gut, even…)

#5 BSU 28 Tulsa 21 (Didn’t get this one in in time.)

#6 USC 34 #25 Notre Dame Crash! 27 Picked: Notre Dame

#7 Ohio State 18 Purdue 26 Crash! Picked: OSU

#8 Cincinnati  34  #21 South Florida 17 Crash! Picked: Cincinnati

#9 Miami 27  UCF 7 Crash! Picked: Miami

#11 Iowa 20 Wisconsin 10 Crash! Picked: Iowa

#12 TCU 44 Colorado State 6 Crash! Picked: TCU

#14 Penn State 20 vs Minnesota 0 Crash! Picked: Penn State

#15 Nebraska 10 vs Texas Tech 31 Crash! Picked: Nebraska (Also against the gut…)

#16 Okie State 33 vs Missouri 17 Crash! Picked: OSU

#17 Kansas 30 Colorado 34 Crash! Picked: Kansas 

#18 BYU 38 San Diego State 28 Crash! Picked: BYU

#23 Houston 44  Tulane 16 Crash! Picked: Houston

#24 Utah 35 UNLV 15 Crash! Picked: Utah

In Other Notable Games:

Wake Forest 3 Clemson 38 Crash! Picked: Wake Forest (Crash! & Burn…)

Boston College 52 NC State 20 Crash! Picked: NC State (Crash! & Burn…)

Virginia 20 Maryland  9 Crash! Picked: Virginia (who suddenly looks like an ACC contender after being on life support)

The beloved ‘Noles, along with Duke and North Carolina are off. FSU plays @ Carolina next Thursday….

Cal 45 @ UCLA 26 Crash! Picked: UCLA (Crash! & Burn…)

Kentucky 21 Auburn 14 Crash! Picked: Auburn 

Washington 17 Arizona State 24 Crash! Picked: Washington

Top 25: 13-4. Other Games:1-5 (wow.) Against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich (in ACC picks): We both were 3-2. Still tied. Ugh…

Totals: 109-30 in Top 25 Picks. 30-20 in ‘Other Notable Games’ (a failing grade). Against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich (in ACC picks) I am 39-18 to her 39-18. And 1-8 vs ‘the gut’. The Gut is not perfect, it seems. Next week! The slump ends next week!


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