Crash! Landen Week 7 College Football Picks

Picks! I forgot to post these and Boise State already played so I won’t pick that game. I might have too much inside information about that game….

Thank God for the Bye Week! (Ahem) Go 'Noles.

Thank God for the Bye Week! (Ahem) Go 'Noles.

#1 Florida vs Arkansas Crash! Picked: Florida (This ones too obvous to me.. everyone THINKS there might be an upset here, so it’s won’t happen.)

#2 Alabama vs #22 South Carolina Crash! Picked: BAMA

#3 Texas vs #20 Oklahoma Crash! Picked: UT

#4 Virginia Tech @ #19 Georgia Tech Crash! Picked: Georgia Tech (Against the gut…)

#5 BSU 28 Tulsa 21 (This one’s a push…)


Gotta' love those Fightin' Charlie Cheerleaders!

Gotta' love those Fightin' Charlie Cheerleaders!


#6 USC @ #25 Notre Dame Crash! Picked: The Fightin’ Charlies to save his job…

#7 Ohio State @ Purdue Crash! Picked: OSU

#9 Miami @ UCF Crash! Picked: Miami

#11 Iowa @ Wisconsin Crash! Picked: Iowa

#12 TCU vs Colorado State Crash! Picked: TCU (But  Colorado State may stay close.)

#14 Penn State vs Minnesota Crash! Picked: Penn State

#15 Nebraska vs Texas Tech Crash! Picked: Nebraska (Going against the gut here…)

#16 Okie State vs Missouri Crash! Picked: OSU

#17 Kansas @ Colorado Crash! Picked: Kansas 

#18 BYU @ San Diego State Crash! Picked: BYU

#23 Houston @ Tulane Crash! Picked: Houston

#24 Utah @UNLV Crash! Picked: Utah

In Other Notable Games:

Wake Forest @ Clemson Crash! Picked: Wake Forest

Boston College vs NC State Crash! Picked: NC State

Virginia @ Maryland  Crash! Picked: Virginia (who suddenly looks like an ACC contender after being on life support)

The beloved ‘Noles, along with Duke and North Carolina are off. FSU plays @ Carolina next Thursday….

Cal @ UCLA (2 recently beleaguered teams… I’ll go with the home team)

Kentucky @ Auburn Crash! Picked: Auburn rights the ship)

Washington @ Arizona Sttae Crash! Picked: Washington

I missed out on picking the Boise game, since I was late posting. I would’ve picked Boise, but I thought Tulsa might be one of the only teams left that could give them a game. I was right on that. They played them close. Maybe that’s a sign of doing better on the picks this week. At least FSU isn’t there this week for me to be let down by.

The biggest ones this week are obviously USC/Notre Dame and the Red River Rivalry. I think this is THE YEAR that USC gets upset. If not this year, it may be quite some time before Notre Dame gets another shot. Texas has had Oklahoma’s number lately and I think it will continue. I’m pulling for Texas since they should have been in the National Championship game instead of Oklahoma last year (who they beat). It’ll be one of the early games on Saturday and if you’re a college football fan, you’ll be watching. If so, here’s something to help you get into the western spirit.



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