Week 7 Crash! Landen Top 25 College Football Poll

My top 3 remain unchanged, despite the fact Texas lost their top 2 tailbacks to injury (for how long is anyone’s guess). I think Alabama is the Best Team in the country, but I see no reason to drop either of the top 2. Tebow and Co. haven’t lost and neither has McCoy and Co.. They each have plenty of tough games so if they don’t deserve to be there, it’ll play itself out on the field. UF still has Arkansas, Georgia , South Carolina and …ahem…coughFSUcough…urp… And UT still has the Red River Rivalry, Missouri, Okie State, and their rivalry game… Yes I left out Kansas. I have them ranked, but they have a Murderer’s Row after Colorado (and they can’t hang with Texas anyway, unless McCoy gets hurt).

My only changes in my Top 5 was LSU dropping after the loss to Florida(@home) and I moved Iowa ahead of Cincinatti. Iowa has had 2 big weeks and they haven’t lost yet. If Cincinatti keeps winning, though, and everyone else keeps losing, could they get a shot at the National Title? Probably not, but they’ve got a pretty good team and aren’t going to get a whole lot of respect because their name is ‘Cincinatti’.

The big question for me now is can FSU and Saint Bobby keep the consecutive Winning Season Streak alive? I think they can go 5-1 the last 6 games if their heart is still in it and… YesIbelievetheycanstillupsetUrbanCryer’sGators. There! I said it….FSU will have absolutely nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain in that one. Sure it may be Tebow’s last home game, but it also could be Bobby Bowden and Mickey Andrews last games as Seminole Coaches. I’m sure the whole team is going to want to send them out as winners… But let’s just keep that between us, shall we?

#1 Florida (5-0)

#2 Texas (5-0)

#3 Alabama (6-0)

#4 Iowa (6-0)

#5 Cincinatti (5-0)

#6 Virginia Tech (5-1)

#7 TCU (5-0) 

#8 Oklahoma State (4-1)

#9 Boise State (5-0)

#10 Notre Dame (4-1)

#11 LSU (5-1)

#12 USC (4-1)

#13 Ohio State (5-1)

#14 Nebraska (4-1)

#15 Miami (4-1)

#16 Georgia Tech (5-1)

#17 Kansas (5-0)

#18 South Florida (5-0)

#19 South Carolina (5-1)

#20 Oregon  (5-1)

#21 Penn State  (5-1)

#22 Auburn (5-1)

#23 Wisconsin (5-1)

#24 Missouri (4-1)

#25 BYU  (5-1)

Week 7 games to look forward to: Oklahoma/Texas… Cincinatti/South Florida… Iowa/Wisconsin… Texas Tech/Nebraska… Virginia Tech/Georgia Tech… South Carolina/Alabama… Misourri/Oklahoma State… and the BIG ONE OF THE WEEK: the Notre Dame Fightin’ Charlies vs USC. I think Charlie Weiss needs this one to retain the job and I think he finally gets the big win over the Trojans.


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