Week 6 Aftermath

Noooo-ooooohhh-oh-oh-ohhhhh… Noooo-oh-ohhhh… No-oh-ohhh….

The GT/FSU was a crusher… FSU seems to come up with new ways to snatch defeat from the mouth of victory…. WHOEVER made the decision to punt on the 4th & 3 in the 3rd quarter… Well, it was a poor decision. I’m not a coach, but when your defense has not stopped the opposing offense all night, punting the ball is a really stupid decision. Tech was 8 for 10 on 3rd down and the 2 that they missed they just went for it on 4th down and made both of those… And the WAY that GT was scoring… Geez, DON”T PUNT THE BALL!

I know a lot of other mistakes, decisions and double fumbles will be pointed to as the keys to losing, but IMHO, it was the decision to punt. GT was not stopping FSU either. To think that FSU sored 44 and lost the game is pretty mindboggling.

The Bobby Bowden critics… No, not critics. The snarling-lack of respect-winning matters more than character and loyalty-losers sadly will be coming out of the woodwork now. Saint Bobby has earned the right to leave when he wants to. I do hope that he’ll be back for one more. Next year’s team barring injury, should be the one that finally gets FSU back to their winning ways: Ponder will be a senior, and will have most of their offense intact and the defense.. well, they’ll be a year older, not, to mention the changeover for their opponents will benefit FSU.. No more Tebow if nothing else (does that tip my hand on my feelings about this year’s UF game?).

On to the scores. I don’t even know how I did. Evil FSU Hatin’ Heather Dinich may have caught me in the picks. Earlier in the college season, I noted that her disdain for FSU would give me an advantage in the picks, but it may be my inability to pick against FSU will be my downfall.

My Totals coming in:82-22 in Top 25 Picks. 26-11 in ‘Other Notable Games’. Against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich (in ACC picks) I am 31-14 to her 30-15 record. AND I’m 0-5 vs ‘the gut’.

Here we go.

Top 25 Picks

#1 Florida 13 @ #4 LSU 3 Crash Picked: Florida

#2 Texas 38 @ Colorado 14 Crash Picked: Texas

#3 Alabama 22 @ Ole Miss 3 Crash Picked:  BAMA

#5 Va. Tech 48 vs Boston College 14 Crash Picked: VT

#9 Ohio State 31 vs Wisconsin 13 Crash Picked: Ohio State

#10 TCU 20 @ Air Force 17 Crash Picked: TCU

#11 Miami 48 vs FAMU 16 Crash Picked: The U

#12 Iowa 30 vs Michigan 28 Crash Picked: Michigan

#13 Oregon 24 @ UCLA 10 Crash Picked: Oregon

#14 Penn State 52 vs Eastern Illinois 3 Crash Picked: Penn State

#15 Okie State 36 @ Texas A&M 31 Crash Picked: OSU

#16 Kansas 41 vs Iowa State 36 Crash Picked: Kansas

#17 Auburn 23 @ Arkansas 44 Crash Picked: Auburn (Went against The Gut. Crash! and Burn.)

#18 BYU 59 @ UNLV  21 Crash Picked: BYU

#19 Oklahoma 33 vs Baylor  7 Crash Picked: OU

#22 Ga. Tech 49 @ FSU 44 Crash Picked: FSU (Yes, another ‘Gut’ game…SEVERE Crash! and Burn.)

#21 Nebraska 27 @ #24 Missouri 12 Crash Picked: Missouri

#25 South Carolina 28 vs Kentucky 26 Crash Picked: SCU but closer than people think.

In other ‘Notable Games’ :

Maryland 32 @ Wake Forest 42 Crash Picked: Wake Forest

NC State 28 vs Duke 49 Crash Picked: NC State (Wow.)

Virginia 47  vs Indiana 7 Crash Picked: Virginia

North Carolina 42 vs Ga. Southern 12 Crash Picked: North Carolina

Georgia 19 @ Tennessee 45 Crash Picked: Georgia (Wow. LSU bad call hangover.)

Stanford 28 @ Oregon State 38 Crash Picked: Stanford

Houston 31 @ Mississippi State 24 Crash Picked: MSU 

14-4 in the Top 25. 3-4 in Other Games (ugh!). 5-2 vs Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich to her 6-1. Crap.

Soooo, we’re standing at about the half-way mark… 96-26 in Top 25 Picks. 29-15 in ‘Other Notable Games’ (SINKING!!!). Against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich (in ACC picks) I am 36-16 to her 36-16 record. We’re tied. Double crap. And 0-7 vs ‘the gut’.

I’m officially in a slump. Next week! It’ll happen. The mojo will return…


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