Week 6 Crash! Top 25 College Football Poll

The Crash! Landen Top 25 College Football Poll

My top 2 haven’t moved and won’t until they lose, but I think Alabama is the best team out there right now. It’ll sort itself out… It usually does, anyway. The Top 5 will definitely will change in some way with Florida playing LSU. It’s still up in the air whether or not Tebow will play. I’m betting that he will and will play well, given the fact that he seems to play VERY well in the ‘revenge’ games and LSU’s fans weren’t very nice to him after the last time that he went down to Baton Rouge with the text messaging and all.

There are a few other good games…. Nebraska and Missouri should be a good one on Thursday to start off the weekend. Auburn/ Arkansas may be a good one and will tell a lot about the Tigers… BC/Va. Tech may be a decent game… Wisconsin/Ohio State… I think Alabama is going to dole out a beatdown to Ole Miss…My beleagured ‘Noles vs Georgia Tech. This game will determine whether they can still win the ACC or not (the Noles, of course). Obviously the big game of the week (for everyone else) is the LSU/Florida game. It’s hard to gauge how good LSU is. They struggled at Washington, escaped Mississippi State, and beat Georgia on a disgustingly awful celebration call.

#1 Florida (4-0)

#2 Texas (4-0)

#3 Alabama (5-0)

#4 LSU (5-0)

#5 Cincinatti (5-0)

#6 Iowa (4-0)

#7 TCU (4-0) 

#8 Missouri (4-0)

#9 Oklahoma State (3-1)

#10 Boise State (5-0)

#11 Virginia Tech (4-1)

#12 Notre Dame (4-1)

#13 USC (4-1)

#14 Ohio State (4-1)

#15 Nebraska (3-1)

#16 Miami (3-1)

#17 Georgia Tech (4-1)

#18 Auburn (5-0)

#19 Kansas (4-0)

#20 South Florida (5-0)

#21 Wisconsin (5-0)

#22 South Carolina (4-1)

#23 Michigan  (4-1)

#24 Oregon  (4-1)

#25 Penn State  (4-1)

Go Bobby! and Go ‘Noles!


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