Week 5 Picks Aftermath

I was horrible  for the 2nd straight week in picking the Top 25/ACC games… Just like my team, FSU (“oh, no! We suck ageen!”).

Let’s get on with the train wreck that were my predictions. Rubbernecking is allowed. Coming in, I was 70-17 in Top 25 picks and 21-7 in ‘Notable’ Games. 

Against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich (in ACC picks) I was 28-10 to her 27-11. I’m nervous.

The Top 2 teams (Florida and Texas) were off for the week.

#3 ALABAMA 38 Kentucky 20 Crash! Picked: BAMA

#4 LSU 20 #18 Georgia 13 Crash! Picked: Georgia

#5 Boise State 34  vs Some Obscure Opponent 16 Crash! Picked:BS

#6 Virginia Tech 34 @ Duke 26 Crash! Picked: VT

#7 USC 30 #24 Cal 31 Crash! Picked: Cal

#8 Oklahoma 20  #17 Miami 21 Crash! Picked:Oklahoma

#9 Ohio State 33 Indiana 14 Crash! Picked:OSU

#10 Cincinatti 37 Miami 13 Crash! Picked: Cincinatti

#11 TCU 39 vs SMU 14 Crash! Picked: TCU

#12 Houston 41 UTEP 58 Crash! Picked: Houston

#13 Iowa 24 vs Arkansas State 21 Crash! Picked: Iowa

#15 Penn State 35  Illinois 17 Crash! Picked:Penn State

#16 Oregon 52 Washington State 6 Crash! Picked: Oregon

#20 BYU 35 Utah State 17 Crash! Picked: BYU

#21 Ole Miss 23 Vanderbilt 7 Crash! Picked: Ole Miss

#22 Michigan 20 Michigan State 26 Crash! Picked: Michigan (Against the Gut.)

#25 Georgia Tech 42 Mississippi State 31 Crash! Picked: GT


Other Notable Games:

FSU 21 Boston College 28 Crash! Picked: FSU

Clemson 21 Maryland 24 Crash! Picked: Clemson

NC State 24 Wake Forest 30 Crash! Picked: Wake Forest

Virginia 16  North Carolina 3 Crash! Picked: North Carolina

UCLA 16 Stanford 24 Crash! Picked: Stanford

Washington 30 Notre Dame 37 Crash! Picked: Notre Dame 

Texas A& M 19 Arkansas 47 Crash! Picked: Arkansas (A&M is still kind of an unknown.)

Wisconsin 31 Minnesota 28 Crash! Picked: Wisconsin

South Florida 34  Syracuse 20 Crash! Picked: Syracuse (Went against the gut.)

I am now 0-5 vs the gut… You’d think that I would learn.

In Top 25 picks: 12 -5… Not quite as bad as last week, but right down there. In ‘Other Games’ I was barely treading water at 5-4. I’m no better than Dinich…. Speaking of which against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich (in ACC picks) we were both an abysmal 3-4. I’m disgusted. No better than Dinich!

Totals… Totals…  In the Top 25 I am a still respectable 82-22. In ‘Other Notable Games’ I’m spiralling down percentage-wise at 26-11. I try to pick the bigger games there and not the easy ones, so I guess it’s not completely at a humiliating level yet.

Against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich (in ACC picks) I am now 31-14. She’s still trailing at 30-15, but this week we were both barely above the Mendoza line. But I’m still ahead.

Looking forward to the Florida-LSU game next week, along with some others like Wisconsin-Ohio State. FSU plays Georgia Tech next week and I’m beginning to dread that. I guess we’ll find out if the team needs a heart transplant or not. FSU seems to be in a state of Limbo with the Bowden/Fisher/Andrews/etc thing going on. I guess it will be hard to gauge Jimbo until Saint Bowden steps aside.  As far as I’m concerned, Bowden can leave when he wants to, but I’m a Bowden loyalist. I don’t think he’ll be afforded the choice to stay after this year. I’m betting he’s going to get nudged out behind the scenes and will comment publicly that”it’s time”. That’s when the clock will begin ticking on Jimbo and he can try to live up to the 14 consecutive Top 4 finishes that Bowden oversaw from ’87-’00.

Here’s to hoping that FSU can right the ship this week against GT. They’re due for a decent game without all of the rain and fumbling (and the bad calls). I would hate to see Coach Bowden go out on a losing season after so many years of not having one since that first year as the Seminoles’ coach. I probably would not be a college football fan had he not been FSU’s coach and I’d say that has to do more with his personality and character than just football. Go Bobby and Go ‘Noles!


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