Zombieland Short Review (3.5 of 5)

zombieland_poster_0This will be a VERY short one.

The cast: Eisenberg, Stone, Breslin & Harrelson.

The cast: Eisenberg, Stone, Breslin & Harrelson.

I liked it. It was a decent comedy about yet another zombie appocalypse with a handful of survivors that had a couple of thin ‘suspenseful/thriller/horror’ moments. It was Zombie Lite. The gore was minimal for a zombie flick, maybe being the least gory that I’ve seen in some time and it’s not a horror-comedy as much as it’s a situational comedy.

It's a date movie! No, really... it is.

It's a date movie! No, really... it is.

It’s not as good as Shaun Of The Dead, but it never gets ‘a little too serious’ for the tone of the movie like that one did. If there can be a feel-good zombie movie, this may have been it. It was predictable, but enjoyable.

Zombie Deliverance....

Zombie Dueling Banjos...

The characters were mostly likeable. Woody Harrelson seems to be making a nice comeback if he was ever ‘away’, with movies like No Country For Old Men, Transiberian, and this one. I hope it continues for him. He’s a decent actor in the right parts. This is one of those parts.


Jesse Eisenberg was adequate as the Michael Cera-like protagonist, as was Abigail Breslin (she wasn’t Cera-like, though). Emma Stone was cute enough as the con artist/love interest.

Zombieland movie image Emma Stone

Stone about to kick zombie butt...

This movie was shooting for nothing more than trying to be mildly entertaining. That’s not so bad sometimes. I had fun. If you like horror comedies, you’ll probably like this one, too. It’s not Shakespeare, but it doesn’t have to be. You should leave the theater with a smile on your face.

The feel-good zombie movie of the year.

The feel-good zombie movie of the year.

Most everything in this movie was pulled from other stories in the zombie genre, but there were a few clever situations that the filmmakers came up with. The carnival/amusement park that 2 of the characters were trying to make it to throughout the film served as a pretty thin plot device if thought about to much, so don’t do that… Think, that is.


The whole setup was to put the main characters in an interesting setup where they could have a ‘final showdown’ with a horde of zombies. There were some clever ‘mousetraps’ that some of them were put into. There wasn’t a whole lot of suspense to it, but again: enjoyable. Like a typical episode of the A-Team. With zombies.

These are NOT Savini zombies.

These are NOT Savini zombies.

I had fun. I hate walking away from the movie theater having just watched some appalling load of steaming hot crap, that someone has unleashed upon the public either knowing that it was an appalling load of steaming hot crap or that they unknowingly unleashed. If they are quality impaired and had no idea then at least they have an excuse. It’s when they know it’s garbage and try to wrap it up in a silver bow is what makes me angry.

You'll have a good time with Emma.

You'll have a good time with Emma.

Zombieland even had  a ‘special guest appearance in it that wasn’t advertised. I won’t give the person’s identity away, although every other site has. It makes the movie veer off course for 10 minutes or so, but this movie wasn’t about any deep themes, it was just another situation/scene to amuse the audience with. The same celebrity guest pops up after the credits, also…Oh, yeah… And there are zombie clowns. Oddly enough, the special guest celebrity played a clown in one of that person’s movies.

Zombie clowns.

Zombie clowns.

I give this movie  3.5 out of 5. Could it have better? Yeah. There also could have a lot less product placement. But every movie doesn’t have to aspire to critical acclaim (although, this one is getting critical acclaim to this point). Remember, always stay to the end or you’ll miss out on the little nuggets that they put in there to reward the people that sit through the credits. Speaking of which, here’s another shot of the lovely Emma Stone.

Comic-Con-09-Live-Blog-Sony-Pictures----Zombieland-And-2012Thanks for reading.


7 Responses to “Zombieland Short Review (3.5 of 5)”

  1. francesca Says:

    love this move forever!

  2. francesca Says:

    my fav mvie ever thy should make a second 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Crash! Landen Says:

    Ummmm…. Estoy de acuerdo… I think. Mi Espanol es no muy buenea…. What did I say?

  4. stone sos la chica mas perfcta que vi en mi vida

  5. Madsdash Says:

    I think this movie is based on the game left 4 dead

  6. oh my god, i’d loved that movie, i enjoyed a lot watching this one.

  7. Shaun White Says:

    Emma Stone looks so hot when shes got black hair, it makes her look badass.

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