Week 4 Picks Aftermath

I’m thinking this was my worst week of picks. There were a rash of upsets and I ignored the gut. Apparently the gut is never wrong, but I’ll get to that. The Noles lost of course… Despite ESPN’s efforts to make it sound like they were dominated by the Bulls, the fault lies at the feet of the Noles themselves. Having 4 fumbles, a failed 4th and  goal on the 1 yard line,  43 yard TD called back on penalty, a hobbled QB, DBs constantly being 20 yards out of place, several dropped interceptions, and I could go on…. Well, you just can’t win that way. I’ve grown accustomed to the ‘Noles inability to build on success. Anytime they’re ranked they falter, usually in games that they should win handily. BUT, they’ll bounce back. Just means that there will probably be no National Title this year… That’s next year… (ahem).

I was surprised by a few games this week. LSU struggling. Georgia eeking one out against Arizona State. Illinois laying an egg against Ohio State (and I picked Ohio State). Houston nipping Texas Tech. I was not so surprised by some of the upsets. Like I said last week, there were some REAL tough calls that could’ve gone either way, but the way some of the favored teams got blown out was a little surprising, especially Miami, Cal and Washington. I kind of had a feeling, though, that the Va. Tech players saw the same thing that I saw… Miami Qb Jacory Harris saying that “I REFUSE to lose” and all of that before the game…. Suddenly the Canes don’t look like the Canes of old anymore.

There were some really good games played this week. The Iowa/Penn State was typically good. LSU -Mississippi State was surprising. Georgia-Arizona State was interesting all the way to the end… And of course, Clausen and Co. saved Charlie Weis’ job again, beating the Purdue Boilermakers on a 4th and goal in the waning moments of that game. Charlie’s beginning to look like the old Detroit Lions coach Wayne Fonts on Thanksgiving, when the team would rally seemingly every single year to rescue him from the unemployment line… Except for the Fightin’ Charlies, EVERY week is Thanksgiving. 

Anyway, let’s just get right into the wrong….

#1 Florida @ Kentucky Crash! Picked: Florida (GatorNation was holding their collective breath when Tebow took that MAJOR shot from a Kentucky defender….)

#2 Texas  vs UTEP Crash! Picked: Texas

#3 Alabama vs Arkansas Crash! Picked: BAMA

#4 Ole Miss @ South Carolina Crash! Picked: South Carolina 

#5 Penn State vs Iowa Crash! Picked: Penn State (I went against the gut. I’m 0-4 vs the gut now. The gut was actually SCREAMING at me on at least 4 other games, but since I didn’t mention them in my original picks I won’t do so now…)

#6 California @ Oregon Crash! Picked: Cal

#7 LSU @ Mississippi State Crash! Picked: LSU

#8 Boise State @ Bowling Green Crash! Picked: BS

#9 Miami @ #11 Virginia Tech Crash! Picked: Miami

#12 USC vs Washington State Crash! Picked: USC

#13 Ohio State vs Illinois Crash! Picked: OSU

#14 Cincinatti vs Fresno State Crash! Picked: Cincinatti

#15 TCU @ Clemson Crash! Picked: Clemson

#16 Oklahoma State vs Grambling State Crash! Picked: OSU

#17 Houston vs Texas Tech Crash! Picked: Texas Tech

#18 Florida State Seminoles vs South Florida Bulls Crash! Picked: FSU… AAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………………………. (ahem).

#19 BYU vs Colorado State Crash! Picked: BYU

#20 Kansas vs Southern Miss Crash! Picked: Kansas

#21 Georgia vs Arizona State Crash! Picks: Georgia

#22 North Carolina @ Georgia Tech Crash! Picked: Georgia Tech

#23 Michigan vs Indiana Crash! Picked:Michigan

#24 Washington @ Stanford Crash! Picked: Washington

#25 Nebraska vs Louisiana-Lafayette Crash! Picked: Nebraska

In other ‘Notable’ Games…

Wake Forest @ Boston College Crash! Picked: WF

Rutgers @ Maryland Crash! Picked: Rutgers

PITT @ NC State Crash! Picked: NC State

North Carolina Central @ Duke Crash! Picked: Duke

Arizona @ Oregon State Crash! Picked: OSU

Michigan State @ Wisconsin  Crash! Picked: Wisconsin

Coming in my Top 25 pick total stood at 54-10.  This week I went an embarrassing 16-7. Just horrible. In other ‘Notable’ Games I am 17-5.  This week I went 4-2. Not great.  I said this week would be the hardest to pick, thus far, and boy was I right.

In Acc picks, against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich I am 24-6 before this week. The Evil One was 23-7. This week, however, I broke even going 4-4. So did the FSU hater. She picked FSU to beat the Bulls, but I bet FSU losing trumps missing a pick for her. Anyway I now stand at 28-10 in ACCPicks. The Evil One sits on a 27-11 record.

Overall in Top 25 picks: 70-17. In other ‘Noteable’ Games:21-7. Grand Total: 91-24

Looking forward to next week, so I can forget about this one (especially the FSU part).


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