Crash! College Football Week 4 Picks

crashpicks4   Even though the Crash! Poll is out, I will still be going by ESPN’s rankings to post picks. Why? To make it easy on me. Why else?

My Top 25 pick total stands at 54-10. In other ‘Noteable’ Games I am 17-5. So the Grand Total stands at a respectable 71-15. This week might be a lot harder to pick than last week, having so many teams play each other that are kind of on the ‘same level’ (like Ole Miss and South Carolina).

Against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich I am 24-6. The Evil One is 23-7. I really should keep a tally of how many times she works a dig at FSU into her column or how many outright verbal attacks she posts, but that would be a lot o’ tallyin’. So that’s a no go.

 On a side note, I’m listening to Ivan Maisel’s podcast which usually is co-hosted by the always great Beano Cook, but he’s still under the weather so Todd McShay is filling in. He’s doing the majority of gumflapping (there’s a 1000-1 word ratio between McShay and Maisel). I think he just likes hearing the sound of his own voice. He still hasn’t mentioned anything about being completely wrong about the FSU-BYU game. This may help my picks, though. I’ll just pick whoever McShay doesn’t pick…. Hey, he did mention the FSU-BYU game… ‘He couldn’t believe it.’ That’s about all he said.

Tough calls in bold… ‘Upsets’ in Red

#1 Florida @ Kentucky Crash! Picks: Florida (This might be a little bit of a trap game… but UF will pull away in the 2nd quarter)….

#2 Texas  vs UTEP Crash! Picks: Texas (McCoy won’t play much in the 2nd half)

#3 Alabama vs Arkansas Crash! Picks: BAMA (a lot of points will be scored by both teams in a blowout)

#4 Ole Miss @ South Carolina Crash! Picks: South Carolina (Going with Spurrier… Although, that Nutt’s a good coach, too.)

#5 Penn State vs Iowa Crash! Picks: Penn State (I’m going against the gut. I’m 0-3 vs the gut right now.)

#6 California @ Oregon Crash! Picks: Cal

#7 LSU @ Mississippi State Crash! Picks: LSU

#8 Bosie State @ Bowling Green Crash! Picks: BS

#9 Miami @ #11 Virginia Tech Crash! Picks: Miami

#12 USC vs Washington State Crash! Picks: USC

#13 Ohio State vs Illinoise (‘e’ for the Zooker) Crash! Picks: OSU

#14 Cincinatti vs Fresno State Crash! Picks: Cincinatti

#15 TCU @ Clemson Crash! Picks: Clemson

#16 Oklahoma State vs Grambling State Crash! Picks:OSU

#17 Houston vs Texas Tech Crash! Picks: Texas Tech

#18 Florida State Seminoles vs South Florida Bulls Crash! Picks: FSU! FSU! FSU!

#19 BYU vs Colorado State Crash! Picks: BYU

#20 Kansas vs Southern Miss Crash! Picks: Kansas

#21 Georgia vs Arizona State Crash! Picks: Georgia

#22 North Carolina @ Georgia Tech Crash! Picks: Georgia Tech

#23 Michigan vs Indiana Crash! Picks:Michigan

#24 Washington @ Stanford Crash! Picks: Washington

#25 Nebraska vs Louisiana-Lafayette Crash! Picks: Nebraska


In ACC picks:

Wake Forest @ Boston College Crash! Picks: WF

Rutgers @ Maryland Crash! Picks: Rutgers

PITT @ NC State Crash! Picks: NC State

North Carolina Central @ Duke Crash! Picks: Duke

Mercifully, Virginia doesn’t play this week.

In other ‘Noteable’ Games…

Arizona @ Oregon State Crash! Picks: OSU

Michigan State @ Wisconsin  Crash! Picks: Wisconsin


Not ‘official picks’, but Notre Dame should handle Purdue, Auburn should be 4-0, and Tennessee should rebound… Oklahoma is the only Top 25 team that’s off until Miami (which may be a good one). 


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