The First Weekly Crash! Landen Top 30 College Football Poll

I think the Polls are a joke, especially the AP poll. FSU just flew across the country, spanked BYU at home and FSU is sitting one spot ahead of them in the AP poll. They’re only 1 spot better? Getting beat at home by 26 and that team is only 1 spot ahead of you in that poll? Really? Michigan at 3-0 with a win over a good Notre Dame team doesn’t deserve to be ahead of a 2-1 BYU team that just got BLASTED AT HOME by someone that this particular poll had unranked in the previous week? Washington is 2-1. They don’t deserve to be ahead of BYU? BYU beat the #3 team earlier in the year (Oklahoma). Well, Washington, just beat the #3 team also, a team who they are now still trailing in that poll along with BYU. USC is 2-1. Washington is 2-1. Why is Washington ranked 24th while USC is at 12th? SIDE NOTE: MARK MY WORDS, USC HAS A FEW MORE LOSSES ON THE WAY. They are not as good this year as they have been and I think that is because of the assistant coach losses more than the player losses. Their QBs are also shaky (including Barkley) and in college football you can’t win consistently without a QB. END OF SIDE NOTE. Don’t think I’m picking on BYU, either. I think they have a good team, but FSU’s win over them was not an upset. Anyone who knows anything about college football would know that.

All that being said, here is my own poll. I base my OPINION (because this is just My Humble Opinion) on what the teams did last year, who they have coming back (including coaches), who they have coming in (including coaches), who they play, how well they play and where, injuries, record, how motivated that I think they are, etc. I’m betting my poll on a weekly basis will be much more accurate than the Coaches and Writers Poll… But IT IS my own opinion and it’s just as flawed as anyone else’s. Keep in mind I don’t think Florida will be at the top at the end of the year. But they were #1 at the end of last year and they have most everyone coming back (with Harvin being their biggest subtraction) so they still get to be #1 on my poll. Until they lose. So here is my own irrelevant poll without fanfare or art or pictures. I’m happier for posting it. I love college football.

The Crash! Landen Top 30 College Football Poll

#1 Florida (3-0, beat Tennessee @ Home)

#2 Texas (3-0, Beat Texas Tech @ Home)

#3 Alabama (3-0, Dominated Virginia Tech on a Neutral field)

#4 LSU (3-0, Beat Washington)

#5 Miami (2-0, Beat FSU on a dropped pass in the end zone, Beat Georgia Tech @ Home) 

#6 Oklahoma  (2-1, Shut 2 Nobodies out, lost when Sam Bradford was injured)

#7 Cincinatti (Beat Rutgers like a drum, Beat Oregon State, both on the road)

#8 Michigan  (3-0, Beat Notre Dame @ Home)

#9 Penn State (3-0, Have beaten NO ONE)

#10  Cal (3-0, Beat an average Minnesota team)

#11 Florida State (2-1, Beat BYU like a drum, lost to Miami on a dropped pass in the end zone).

#12 Boise State (3-0, Beat Oregon @ Home)

#13 North Carolina (3-0, Beat 2 Average Teams)

#14  TCU (2-0, The Game against Clemson will determine how good they are)

#15 Ole Miss (2-0, Have Beaten NO ONE)

#16 Washington (2-1, Beat USC, Played LSU pretty close @ home)

#17 USC (2-1, Beat Ohio State, Lost to Washington)

#18 Houston (2-0, Beat Oklahoma State)

#19 Oklahoma State (2-1, Beat Georgia @ Home)

#20 Georgia (2-1, Beat South Carolina, Beat Arkansas, Both on the road)

#21 Ohio State (2-1, Struggled with Navy, lost to USC… Typical Sweater Vest team)

#22 Virginia Tech (2-1, Beat Nebraska, Was Beat Down by Alabama on  a neutral field)

#23 Missouri (3-0, embarrassed Illinoise… That ‘e’ is for Ron.)

#24Nebraska (2-1, Should have beaten Va. Tech on the road)

#25 Georgia Tech (2-1, Lost to Miami on the road, Beat Clemson)

#26 Texas Tech (2-1, Lost a close one @ Texas)

#27 Notre Dame (3-0,Beat Michigan State)

#28 Arkansas (1-1, Lost a barnburner to Georgia)

#29 Auburn (3-0, Beat West Virginia)

#30 Iowa (3-0, Beat Arizona, but what does that mean really?)

#30 BYU(2-1, Beat Oklahoma without Sam Bradford)

 #30 Kansas (3-0, Beat NO ONE)


10 Responses to “The First Weekly Crash! Landen Top 30 College Football Poll”

  1. Crash! Landen Says:


  2. afrankangle Says:

    We agree to disagree.

  3. Crash! Landen Says:

    Okay, but I STILL can’t see your Top 10 as rational if you don’t have UF in the top spot. National Championship, plus all 22 starters started last year. You can’t ignore that.

    • afrankangle Says:

      Yes I can … 2008 has as much relevance as 1998, 1988, 1978, 1968, and so on. 2009 is a new season, thus should be based on 2009 results, which is my point.

      Thanks for the respectful dialogue.

      • Crash! Landen Says:

        Yeah, but the players from 1968 aren’t playing. Tim Tebow, who’s won 2 national championships and a Heisman is. To throw that out and treat him and the other players as average until they prove something doesn’t make any sense.
        You had Auburn at #2. Based on what? Beating a West Virginia team? I can’t figure why you would more weight in that than say Michigan’s wins. Southern Miss is 3-0. Are they ahead of Florida and Texas, too? It makes no sense if you don’t observe what the current players have done in the past.

  4. Crash! Landen Says:

    I understand where you’re coming from and to some degree you’re preachin’ to the choir… BUT. You do have to take some of ‘What Has Come Before’ in consideration.
    I wouldn’t have been able to predict the FSU/BYU game or the Washington /USC game without using intangible factors like motivation, what a team has coming in/back, who the team lost, who’s injured, what kind of program the team has had how they fare against other teams, etc…
    Again, look at South Florida. They just lost a 4 year starting QB to injury. You can’t look at them the same way.
    I can see the justification of why you have Miami #1, but at the same time, I know that they beat FSU by a FSU receiver dropping a TD pass with time expiring. Miami didn’t stop them, they dropped the ball. But some of the other teams that you have ranked in your top 10… Boise State. They had a BIG WIN by beating Oregon, but they’re not going to play anyone else the rest of the year. I really wouldn’t be able to take your Top 10 seriously, that you don’t have them ranked in the Top 10 (and I hate Florida). I get your point to rank teams on what they do this year, but UF has EVERYBODY coming back (except Harvin) and they won the national championship last year. And they have Clark Kent at QB. Why wouldn’t you rank them #1? If they’re not #1 it will come out in the wash, since they have an SEC schedule and FSU and an SEC title game before getting to the BCS title game.

    • afrankangle Says:

      Crash … first of all good discussion and I too see your point.

      Let’s take Boise …. to date, Oregon was a big win. As they launch into some of their league games, their stock will drop because of competition … just as Penn State’s would go up …. but NOT until the games are played.

      USF loses a 4-yr QB starter (tough loss b/c he’s a good one) … but I would predict their ranking would go lower in time because they may lose games that they may have one. However, I don’t view rankings as predictions … but as earned for results for that point in time.

      It’s been fun … .and thanks. Hope to return next week.

  5. Crash! Landen Says:

    Florida had just about everyone coming back and they won it last year. I DON’T think they’ll win it again. I think Alabama has a good chance of beating them this year for the SEC. But a lot can happen between now and then. Until they lose though, there’s no reason to put anyone else ahead of them. You already know what Tebow & co. bring to the table (and I’m an FSU fan, remember).
    As far as Texas, they deserved to play for the title last year and didn’t, and they have a lot of the important guys back. They just beat a pretty good Texas Tech team that generally isn’t talked about as a national power, but they have the potential to make a game with anyone they play a very long night the way they pass the ball (and they may be a little better on defense). I think Colt McCoy will carry them even more than he did last year. I think the loss of their big DE last year hurt them more than anything else, but the core is still there and I think they’re the team to beat in the Big 12. The Oklahoma game obviously will determine Texas’ season and despite casual public perception, Texas has had the Sooners’ number the last few years.
    Of course, a lot will change before next January as lots of these teams are going to have to play one another (like Va. Tech and Miami this week). None of these rankings are where I think they’ll be at the end of the year. You do have to base an opinion on how they’re playing at the moment and work the upsets and injuries into your opinion. I thought South Florida was going to be trouble for FSU, but losing Matt Groethe, their starting QB for 41 straight games… Mr. South Florida. Who could’ve predicted that? That will definitely alter their season.
    Did that make any more sense than the AP? I hope so.
    Oh, and thanks for the comment.

    • afrankangle Says:

      Here’s why I ask. Seems to be that the major factor in polls should be who you play and did you win or lose. To date, their are many other teams with better wins than those teams. In other words, expectations and past seasons shouldn’t mean didly squat.

      Let’s take Michigan and Penn State. Both are 2-0 in the MAC … thus should Penn State (beat Syracuse) be ranked much further ahead than Michigan (beat ND)? At least you don’t! (but I hope you see my point)

      For a contrarian’s view, here mine – …. be sure to see the preSeason link with in it.

      Meanwhile, thanks for sharing. Hopefully I’ll remember to drop by next week.

  6. afrankangle Says:

    Agree – polls are a joke. But a question about your rankings – what has Florida and Texas accomplished to deserve the top 2 spots?

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