How I Did…Week 3 Picks

Pretty good actually. I got the Washington upset over USC, Charlie saved his job,  and of course I called the BYU beatdown by the ‘Noles… All of the ESPN commentators acted like they were stunned by that and were talking like it was an upset. In fact, they were trying NOT to talk about it. Coming into Saturday, all of the ‘experts’ like Todd McShay and Kirk Herbstreit kept saying “BYU is for real” and that FSU “no longer has the athletes” and all of that hyperbolic garbage, but it played out just like I thought it would. After the Georgia/Arkansas game (which was a good one), the Gameday Crew wanted to talk about every other game except FSU-BYU. Finally, they commented that they still have all kinds of time, “so what else do guys want to talk about? How about BYU?” Even on Sportscenter, they showed the USC upset TWICE, and Notre Dame-Michigan, before they got to the ‘#7’ team being upset. Had they won, it would’ve been a HUGE story. FSU wins and its the sports world’s version of “meh”. I really think FSU will have to run the table and beat UF to get any genuine credit…. Yes, I’m an FSU homer. But everything that I’ve said is true. That being said, let’s see how I did…

Coming in for the Year I’m 34-8 in Top 25 picks and 9-4 in Other Noteable Games… Grand Total is 43-12.

Coming in against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich I am 17-3 to her 15-5 (she thinks she’s 16-5, but apparently she can’t do math either).


On to the picks:

#1 Florida 23 vs Tennessee 13 Crash! Picked UF (but UT kept it respectable…Kiffen’s dad impressed me).

#2 Texas 34 vs Texas Tech 24 Crash! Picked Texas

#3 USC 13 vs Washington 16 Crash! Picked UW… YOU HEARD ME. WASHINGTON! I CALLED THAT ONE!

#4 Alabama 53 vs North Texas 7 Crash! Picked  Bama

 #5 Ole Miss 52 vs Southeastern La.6 Crash! Picked Ole Miss

#5 Penn State 31 vs Temple 6 Crash! Picked Penn State

 #7 BYU 54 vs FSU 28 Crash! Picked  The Noles in a beatdown.Heather D was predictably silent for the most part on her blog about this one. “Shaft! Shut yo’ mouth…”

#8 Cal 35 at Minnesota 21 Crash! Picked  Cal

#9 LSU 31  vs Louisianna Lafayette 3 Crash! Picked  LSU

#10 Boise State 51 at Fresno State 34 Crash! Picked  BS (which is appropriate)

# 11 Ohio State 38 vs Toledo 0 Crash! Picked  OSU

#12 Oklahoma 45 vs Tulsa 0 Crash! Picked  OU

 #13 Va. Tech 16 vs #19 Nebraska 15 Crash! Picked  Nebraska

#14 Georgia Tech 17 vs #20 Miami 33 Crash! Picked  GT

#15 TCU 56 vs Texas State 21 Crash! Picked  TCU

#16 Oklahoma State 41 vs Rice 24 Crash! Picked  OSU

#17 Cincinatti 28 vs Oregon State 18 Crash! Picked  Cincinatti

#18 Utah 24 at Oregon 31 Crash! Picked  Oregon

#22 Kansas 44 vs Duke 16 Crash! Picked  Kansas

#23 Georgia 52 vs Arkansas 41 Crash! Picked  Georgia in a close One

#24 North Carolina 31 vs East Carolina 17 Crash! Picked  NC

#25 Michigan 45 vs Central Michigan 17 Crash! Picked  Michigan

In ACC games:

BC  7 at Clemson 25 Crash! Picked  Clemson

Maryland 31 vs Middle Tennessee State 32 (WOW.) Crash! Picked  Maryland in  squeaker

NC State 45 vs Gardner-Webb 14 Crash! Picked  NC State

Wake Forest 35 vs Elon 7 Crash! Picked Wake

Virginia 34 at Southern Miss 37 Crash! Picked  SMU

In Other Games:

Notre Dame 33 vs Michigan State 30 Crash! Picked Notre Dame

West Virgina 30  at Auburn 41 Crash! Picked  Auburn

Louisville 27 AT Kentucky 31 Crash! Picked Kentucky

Iowa 27 vs Arizona 17 Crash! Picked Iowa

So in Top 25 picks I was a sparkling 20-2. In Other Noteable Games I was 8-1.

In ACC picks against the Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich I went 7-3. She went 8-2, so I did very poor in the ACC picks this week. I probably picked with my heart on the Miami/Tech game, since they were coming off the FSU win. I had a feeling that they were going to beat Tech with the extra time to prepare for them and since they hadn’t beaten them in several years. They were focused for that one.

My Top 25 pick total stands at 54-10 (84.375% rate). In other Noteable Games I am 17-5 (about 77%). So the Grand Total stands at a respectable 71-15 (an 82.5% rate)…

Against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich I am 24-6. The Evil One is 23-7 so I’m still a game ahead after 3 weeks. And she’s the ‘expert’. My one advantage is that when FSU is against anyone other than a D-2 team, she’ll pick against them.

Teams that have been impressing me (besides FSU, of course). Washington (obviously, since I called the USC upset). Cincinatti. Tennessee’s defense in a loss.Texas Tech in a loss. Auburn’s playing pretty good for having a new coach (and one that many thought was terrible… including me). Teams that impressing everyone… BAMA. Oklahoma’s defense. Miami (hurt me to say that).

Florida looked beatable at home. If Tennessee only had a QB. Tennessee lost on the scoreboard, but out hit Florida all day long. You can’t beat Florida, though, with a run only team. Once Florida figured that out, it was all over. But Urban Cryer still didn’t get what he wanted. It probably hurt his ego that they didn’t blow Tennessee out. I think Tebow is a great player and leader, but the reason they won their first title was Chris Leak. Tebow stole his thunder by being able to come in on a 3rd and 1 or a 4th and 1 and getting a yard or throwing A PASS. And last year without Hersey Harvin, they don’t play for the national title or win it. Even with all of the players that they have back, I still don’t think they’ll repeat because they don’t have a ‘game changer’ like Harvin was.

Looking forward to next week. FSU plays the South Florida Bulls for the first time ever and they should be coming in with a MAJOR chip on their shoulders. That should be a pretty good one. More on that later.


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