College Football Week 3 Picks

So, in  Top 25 Picks last week I went 18-4. In Other Noteable Games I was 6-1. The Grand Total is 24-5.

Against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich I went  9-0 to her 8-1.

For the Year I’m 34-8 in Top 25 picks and 9-4 in Other Noteable Games…

Against Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich I am 17-3 to her 15-5.

And there are some great games this week, starting off with the Miami-Georgia Tech game tonight. The big one for me (of course) is the FSU -BYU game in Provo. That ought to be a good one. I found ESPN’s Todd McShay hilarious today. He was fillin’ in for Beano Cook on Ivan Maisel’s podcast today (hope you feel better Beano!).  McShay started out blasting FSU and saying that “this isn’t the 80s), they just don’t have the talent anymore” while saying that Miami is back and is headed in the right direction. Todd, FSU lost on a dropped pass. In the end zone. On the last play. Miami didn’t even stop FSU. Fortson dropped the ball!  He also added the speed and talent of BYU (…BYU!) was vastly superior to FSU’s players. Apparently McShay is just another ‘so-called’ journalist who does his best to stir the pot, and exist on hyperbole and exaggeration. After he made those negative comments, he pointed out BYU would prove that they were a legitimate title contender by beating FSU at home. So which is it? Every single one of these reporters on TV should have to have a daily fact check/hypocrisy test. If they contradict themselves 3 times, they should be fired. Anyway, I’ll be anxious to see how that one shakes out.

On to the picks:

#1 Florida vs Tennessee Crash! Picks UF (and it could get ugly for UT)

#2 Texas vs Texas Tech Crash! Picks Texas

#3 USC vs Washington Crash! Picks UW… YOU HEARD ME. WASHINGTON!

#4 Alabama vs North Texas Crash! Picks Bama

Over-rated #5 Ole Miss vs Southeastern La.?! C’mon!

#5 Penn State vs Temple Crash! Picks JoPa

Over-rated #7 BYU vs FSU Crash! Picks The Noles in a beatdown.

#8 Cal at Minnesota Crash! Picks Cal

#9 LSU vs Louisianna Lafayette Crash! Picks The Hat

Over-rated #10 Boise State at Fresno State Crash! Picks BS (which is appropriate)

# 11 Ohio State vs Toledo  Crash! Picks OSU

#12 Oklahoma vs Tulsa Crash! Picks OU

Over-rated #13 Va. Tech vs #19 Nebraska Crash! Picks Nebraska

#14 Georgia Tech vs #20 Miami Crash! Picks GT

Over-rated #15 TCU vs Texas State Crash! Picks TCU

#16 Oklahoma State vs Rice Crash! Picks OSU

#17 Cincinatti vs Oregon State Crash! Picks Cincinatti

#18 Utah at Oregon Crash! Picks Oregon

#22 Kansas vs Duke Crash! Picks Kansas

#23 Georgia vs Arkansas Crash! Picks Georgia in a close One

#24 North Carolina vs East Carolina Crash! Picks NC

#25 Michigan vs Central Michigan Crash! Picks Michigan

In ACC games:

BC at Clemson Crash! Picks Clemson

Maryland vs Middle Tennessee State Crash! Picks Maryland (tough call, there)(no, really)

NC State vs Gardner-Webb Crash! PicksReally?

Wake Forest vs Elon Crash! PicksWake in a Close One

Virginia at Southern Miss Crash! Picks SMU

In Other Games:

Notre Dame vs Michigan State Crash! Picks The Fightin’ Charlies

West Virgina at Auburn Crash! PicksAuburn

Louisville AT Kentucky Crash! Picks Kentucky

Iowa vs Arizona Crash! Picks Iowa

And that’s all, folks.

UPDATE:2:15 Thursday… I AM worried that USC WON”T be playing with their freshman QB Matt B. and that Corp will be fillin’ in for him. I’m still going with Washington in a trap/upset/grudgefest game. I think UW’s new coach has them believing. And they’ve got a decent dual threat QB.

I also wanted to correct my assertion that Dan Hawkins will be fired by the end of the year. Apparently, he has a HUGE buyout clause and Colorado’s athletic dept. is already on shaky ground, so he still has a chance to turn things around (I don’t WANT to see someone get fired…).


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