Almost Ready To Submit… Finally

Zuda…. After  all the hand wringing and headaches, and having to put this aside for loooooong periods of time to do actual paying gigs, I have finally gotten to the last moments before the submission of the Zuda thing (Spectral Influence & The MacGuffin Grimoire!)… It cracks me up that after weeks of trying to find time to work on ONE PAGE, I finally get half a Saturday and ‘Bam’ it’s done practically….. Since starting on the art, the writer wanted to rewrite a panel or two (or actually take out the balloons) and then I wanted a rewrite since I thought I could make  one or two things better by adding or subtracting a few panels…. Too much thinking probably. Earlier I sent it to another artist that I know for a last minute opinion… I do know that I made at least one mistake and have to draw a small object that ‘disappeared’ for one panel (whoops), but that will take all of 20 minutes to do that…. I’ll probably submit this tomorrow sometime . Then I guess the wait is on.
I do want to say that the writer has done a far better job than I have and has ‘worked’ with me. After I came up with several ideas for a story and shot them all down, Blake (the writer) took a stab at writing what I thought that I wanted to draw and ended up writing a basic outline for the story and a script for the first 8 pages. There were some drastic changes made to the original script because some of the things in it just weren’t grounded enough in reality and it was just too much to fit into 8 pages. As it is, there are pages with 15 and 16 panels. Coloring 15 or 16 panels is like coloring 15 0r 16 individual pages for me, so there have been moments where I wanted to choke the writer, especially when I had to go back and put little details in the backgrounds of panels of stuff that I had already finished. But, there were always reasons  for the little details so I did it.

Just to give something to anyone who has been interested in this undertaking so far (and you know who you are)… Here’s the very first drawing of one of the characters in the story. It’s just a doodle that I did at the bottom of a sketchbook page. I make story notes of stuff that I draw and while making them and researching and doodling in my sketchpad I did some chicken scratch art of some of the characters. Alex Ross or John Byrne, it ain’t, but again, it’s just a doodle. Since she appears in the first 8 pages I figured it would be okay to show her here.  I had to cut her out from between all of my scribbling and notes. You can see I drew her right in through all of the letters (if letters had anything to do with my handwriting). Some letters are still right across her knee.


She’s undergone a few changes (and she’s drawn just a LITTLE better in the submission) since I drew her the first time, but I think the general ‘tude is there in the first drawing.

Above is the same character in a panel that is severely ‘edited’ from the actual submission. I just popped her out of the panel and put a quick abstract background behind her to post this… I know. Dark. She’s supposed to be that way. And here’s another first drawing (this one a little less scratchy) of a character that will also appear (and who is in the stuff that I already posted)…

I actually liked this sketch so much that I redrew this one as part of the 8 page submission. For a comparison, here’s one of the panels that I have posted before of the same guy…

Well, there it is. Probably the next time I post anything about Zuda, it will be because Spectral Influence has been accepted to the contest (happy!) or failed miserably and I’m posting the bitter pill rather than swallowing it (The horror! The Horror!). Wish me luck….


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