Toledo stuns Hawkins’ Colorado

Earlier I thought that I heard that Toledo had upset Colorado and that the Toledo QB had scored 6 TDs. I was half listening to ESPN radio and caught the tail end of the update. It just didn’t sound right so I pulled the score up on the internet. Yep. They beat ’em. Toledo did beat Michigan last year, but it’s still a bit shocking. The Buffs are 0-2 now after losing to their in-state rival last week.

That probably doesn’t bode well for Colorado Head Coach Dan Hawkins… It also doesn’t help that his son is the Buffs starting QB and threw 3 picks in the blowout (52-38 and Colorado scored 2 TDs in the last 3 minutes of the game to make it seem more respectable). FSU had their own fling with nepotism a few years ago, and it may not be the problem, but it gives extra armor-piercing ammo to the critics…. I doubt Hawkins will still be the head coach at the end of the year. He definitely isn’t going to step down since his son is there, but he’ll probably get canned and replaced with an interim coach. He isn’t a bad coach (he helped put Boise State on the map before coming to Colorado), but things haven’t exactly worked out for him in Boulder. He’s 13-26 (FSU gave him 2 of those losses) as their Head Coach and if he goes better than 3-9, I’ll be shocked. His team will have to rally to save his job  and I can’t see that happening with Texas and Kansas  looming. He might’ve already ‘lost’ the team.

I hate to see anyone get fired but if you’re going to be a head coach, the pressure to WIN is (sadly) bigger than graduating your kids and all of the other  things that go with it… BUT. The one GREAT thing he will leave behind , is one of the all-time best sound-bytes in College Football History. If you have never heard it, here it is as replayed on the Best Damn Sports Show.

I love John Salley’s reaction… Great stuff.


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