It’s Finally Here! 2009 College Football!


It’s College Football Season! I thought it was never going to get here…. College football is my absolute favorite sport (with Saint Bobby’s Florida State Seminoles being my favorite team) and my enthusiasm for it has never wavered (except for 2007). I am extremely excited this year thinking that this might be the year that FSU finally reasserts itself under Saint Bobby and Jimbo.

Saint Bowden

Saint Bowden

No one is really talking much about FSU at this point (except for the negative off-the-field problems) so maybe they’ll get the added benefit of flying under the radar a little bit. I think they are fully capable of winning all their games this year…

Just like old times!

This year, just like old times!

Okay, maybe not that one against the team that has Clark Kent playing QB for them, but that’s the great thing about College Football. When you think, there is absolutely NO CHANCE that a team can lose, then an underdog rises up and the unthinkable happens… Speaking of which, I’m glad that Lee Corso will be back after having a minor stroke. He’s another ‘Nole. I guess he threw one of his “Not so fast, my friend”s at God and it worked.


I think it’s pointless to do a Top 25 until at least 2 weeks into the season so I won’t do that. All of the ‘experts’ make their preseason lists based on speculation an hype, but no one  can predict injuries or a first game upset like Toledo over Michigan For me, I’ll wait and make my own Top 25 a couple of weeks from now.

Heisman frontrunners: The 'Holy Trinity'

Heisman frontrunners: The 'Holy Trinity'

However, I will throw my picks out there from the Top 25 teams playing… Even though, the Top 25 (ESPN’s poll) means absolutely nothing since noone has earned anything yet. Anyway, please… No wagering.

WARNING: I’m am an unabashed FSU fan!!! It may bias my picks a little.

Average Gator fan...

Average Gator fan...

#1 FLORIDA Gators vs CHARLESTON SOUTHERN Buccaneers Typical Gator scheduling. Tebow will have  147 yard passing yards in this one. ON ONE PLAY! Yes! One play! I don’t care if it’s a 100 yard field. It’s Tebow. He’ll do it, I’m tellin’ ya’.. AND he’ll perform surgery on wounded Western Charlestown A&M players at halftime. Then Meyer will send him back out on the field in the second half to go for TWO hundred against Charlesville Western Tech. Urban’s just that evil…….  You can almost do the old SNL ‘Da’ Bulls’ jokes with this team. “Dim Debow versus de’ entire  Joor-juh duh-fince buhtween de’ hedges… who wins?” “Are you kiddin’? Debow.No contest…” “But what if Debow’s only six inchuz dall?” “A six inch Debow? That might giff the dawgs a chance…” “Yeah, maybe…” “Who’s drivin’ da’ bus?” “My-uhrrrr.”  “Daaaa’ Gay-durs!” MY PICK: CHARLESTON SOUTHERN… To have lost immediately after the coin toss. Actually Northern Charlieworld Eastern State lost this game when it was scheduled. So I’m now 1-0 in my picks. This game never happened.


I feel the same way....

I feel the same way....


#2 TEXAS Longhorns vs Who? LOUISIANA MONROE Warhawks?! I guess the UF and UT scheduling committees have something in common. They both SUCK. MY PICK: COLT MCCOY (He’s like Captain Marvel to Tebow’s Superman).


Should've won the Heisman last year...

Should've won the Heisman last year...


#3 OKLAHOMA Sooners vs #20 BRIGHAM YOUNG Cougars Similar teams only the Sooners are bigger, stronger and faster… And meaner. MY PICK: OKLAHOMA (BIG)

#4 USC Trojans vs SAN JOSE STATE Spartans Trojan Maaaaan! USC will win, but San Jose might make this a better game than ‘the experts’ think. They have a lot of starters coming back.Carroll may have to tack on a few TDs in the last few minutes to ‘help the team’s confidence’. Right. Speaking of which this will be the year that either USC will lose a few in the PAC-10 or will prove how weak that conference really is. MY PICK: Trojan Maaaan!

#5 ALABAMA Crimson Tide vs #7 VIRGINIA TECH Hokies Tyrod Taylor is a one dimensional QB. Unless he has drastically improved in the passing game Va. Tech has NO CHANCE. I’m predicting that he will get hurt at some point in the game and Alabama will embarrass Beamer by beating them in the special teams department…. I’m an ACC guy, but despite their success under Beamer, Virginia Tech is awful in ‘big games’. And Saban isn’t. MY PICK: ‘BAMA I applaud the scheduling, though.

#6 OHIO STATE Buckeyes vs the NAVY MidshipmenMY PICK: OHIO STATE 


Why I like college football...

Why I like college football...


#8 OLE MISS Rebels vs the MEMPHIS Tigers Ole Miss? #8? Really? Really. I think the Nutt’s a good coach and Arkansas was stupid for getting rid of him (although I think they have a good coach now), but #8? It’s just putting a target on this poor team, which will keep them from upsetting anyone. They’ll beat Memphis, though. MY PICK:…

#9 PENN STATE vs the AKRON Zips Why is this game being played? MY PICK: C’mon! 

#9 OKLAHOMA STATE Cowboys vs  #13 GEORGIA Bulldogs  This game is a hard one to figure. I like both coaches (especially Richt-FSU guy) and both teams should be pretty good.  I think everyone thinks that because Georgia lost Stafford and Moreno that Georgia will have a ‘rebuilding year, but Cox isn’t a fifth year stiff. He can play and Georgia DOES have an SEC defense. They also have been a really good road team under Mark Richt. I think State’s loss of their starting middle LB and of their big TE to off the field problems will hurt them. MY PICK: GEORGIA in a good one (OR this could be an Okey State rout, but I’m going with the Dawgs- Alma Mater of Big Bad Jack Davis!) I APPLAUD THE SCHEDULING BTW.

#11 LSU Tigers vs the  WASHINGTON Huskies Washington could only beat themselves on Ty Willingham’s watch. Steve Sarkasian will do better by default, since they couldn’t do any worse. This may be a struggle early, but LSU should win big by brute force. Or Sarkasian will pull what Nueheisel did when he took over the reins of UCLA and pulled a dramatic upset over a favored Tennessee team (which ruined the Vols’ season along with Phillip Fulmer’s season. MY PICK: LSU and their crazy cajun spelling.


Why I LOVE college football... Or at least another reason to love FSU.

Why I LOVE college football... Or at least more reasons to love FSU.


#12 CALIFORNIA Golden Bears vs MARYLAND Turtles or Tortoises or Tippies or Terrapins or Whatever… FEAR THE TURTLE.

Maryland loses when they should win and upset teams that are heavily favored against them. I have never gotten Maryland. Being an FSU fan, I always welcome a game against them. Like Va. Tech, even when FSU is down they still trounce Maryland. I have to think withNapoleon Dynamite playing QB for Maryland, Jahvid Best coming back for Cal , playing at home and the ‘revenge factor’ working for the Bears, I HAVE to go with Cal. I’ll pull for the Mini-Fridge (Coach Friedgen lost over 100 pounds this off season…good for him, but was it hard work or one of those gastric surgeries?), but I think it looks like everything’s going aganst Maryland. I think Bruce ‘Evil Dead’ Campbell plays for Maryland also, so they may be the All-Name team in college football.MY PICK: CAL, though…

#14 BOISE STATE Broncos  vs. #16 OREGON Ducks This pick is a tough one and not just because it involves the ugliest field and  the ugliest uniforms in all of college football.

Bird killin' field...

Bird killin' field... Doesn't bode well for the ducks, but I'm pickin' 'em, anyway...

Boise State’s field kills diving birds on a regular basis (okay, so that’s a myth) and when Oregon brings out the Ninja Turtle unis  GET OUT of the FREAKING WAY, but again, I digress….. Boise State is  something like 60-2  at home in the last few years and I know they have a 49 game regular season home winning streak, but they generally haven’t faced the level of competition that Oregon brings to the table. Sure, Boise beat ’em last year AT Oregon, but the Oregon QB got injured that game while the Quack Attack was up BIG. Oregon thinks it was a cheap shot also, so they have a lot of motivation to come in and end the home win streak and avenge last year’s loss.

The game might match these uniforms.

The game might match these uniforms.



If Boise does manage to get the 50th straight regular season home win, they’ll have fairly clear sailing  for going undefeated again until their bowl game. This one could get ugly in a lot of ways, so of course I’ll be watching.MY PICK: OREGON (but my gut says Boise for some reason.)

#15 GEORGIA TECH Yellowjackets vs JACKSONVILLE STATE Gamecocks Along with having a questionable mascot, poor FCS-level J State has to take it from Tech, then get massacred by FSU next week. MY PICK: TECH (…)

#19 UTAH Utes vs the UTAH STATE Aggies  Don’t know a whole lot about either team, except Utah has a lot of recognition because they went undefeated and put a pretty good whipping on Ala-bama(!) in their bowl game. BUT… they lost a lot of players including their QB who I think got drafted by the NFL, but I digress. Utah State sucked bad enough the last few years to get a new coach this year  (Gary Andersen, Utah’s former defensive coordinator). Even with the player and assistant coach losses Utah has been a fairly stable program since the days of Urban and they’re playing at home, so I think Utah will probably handle Rice fairly easily. MY PICK: UTAH

#21 NORTH CAROLINA Tarheels vs. the CITADEL Bulldogs MY PICK: NC

#22 IOWA vs the NORTHERN IOWA Panthers (!?) The Big Eleven’s Out Of Conference Scheduling is embarrassing this week. MY PICK: The non FCS team…

#23 NOTRE DAME Fighting Irish vs the NEVADA Wolf Pack Nevada may give Notre Dame an early struggle, but I doubt it. If they were to upset the Irish, Charlie won’t make it past Michigan…. but that’s not going to happen. I think Clausen is going to have a pretty good year and Notre Dame’s offense should be a lot better, which will make the defense better. MY PICK: NOTRE DAME

#24 NEBRASKA vs FLORIDA ATLANTIC Owls Shnelly’s a great coach, but they aren’t going to beat the Huskers this year. At least I don’t think so.

#25 KANSAS Jayhawks vs. NORTHERN COLORADO Bears Wow. Kansas should join the Big Eleven.

I wanted to save the best for last, so…

Average 'Nole fans.

Average 'Nole fans.

#18 FLORIDA STATE Seminoles vs the MIAMI Hurricanes  I hope I’m not jinxing them, but I can’t see Miami beating FSU at home. Not this year.

Chief Osceola, Renegade and the Spear... College football's best tradition....

Chief Osceola, Renegade and the Spear... College football's best tradition....

Not with Randy Shannon appointing his QB instead of having him win the job. Not with a new Offensive Coordinator. Not with last year’s starting QB fleeing the program with 2 more backup QBs in tow. Not with Shannon’s crazy decisions at key points of games. And especially with the majority of the FSU offense coming back. Ponder WILL be a better passing QB this year.

The World's Most Intelligent Quarterback. EVER. Hopefully he can figure out how to concoct Tebow Kryptonite.

The World's Most Intelligent Quarterback. EVER. Hopefully he can figure out how to concoct Tebow Kryptonite.

He  HAS  to be. He IS the Smartest QB to ever strap on a helmet. I know that because each and every game the announcers covering the game will make a note of just how smart that he is. Then they incorporate Myron Rolle into the conversation (who I’m going to miss this year)… With hometown hero Graham Gano (former FSU kicker) gone, FSU will not try as many field goals and  will score more TDs this year.

Don't worry... FSU WILL score more!

Don't worry... FSU WILL score more!

They had the highest scoring offense in the ACC last year and will more resemble the Noles of old this year. Miami on the other hand may have a truly ugly  year. MY PICK: GO NOLES!


 Those are my picks for the Top 25…. And here are a few more games of interest:

SOUTH CAROLINA Gamecocks over NC STATE Wolfpack (You wouldn’t know that I’m an ACC guy would you? AND I think NC State may be one of those ‘sleeper’ teams this year…BUT, I like Spurrier… now that he’s no longer at UF).

MINNESOTA Golden Gophers over the SYRACUSE Orange (I’m pulling for Paulus, though).

MICHIGAN Wolverines over the WESTERN MICHIGAN Broncos (Richrod and co. will take their offseason frustrations out on the Broncos. They will be a lot better than last year. Or they’re gonna’ need a bigger coach.

WAKE FOREST Demon Deacons over the BAYLOR Bears (ACC! ACC!ACC!)

RUTGERS Scarlet Knights OVER CINCINATTI Bearcats 

Won't get fired, yet...

Won't get fired, yet...

My picks for the major conferences: Florida, Oregon,  Texas, Ohio State, and FSU… Texas beats Notre Dame for the title (But I’m pullin’ for FSU). 


Another reason to love college football!

Another reason to love college football!



Now on to the season!!!



2 Responses to “It’s Finally Here! 2009 College Football!”

  1. Crash! Landen Says:

    Sorry, not my picture. I pulled it off of the Warchant site (I believe) which is an FSU fansite (again, I believe). You can probably find out who took it at or ny otherFSU site, but you’ll probably have to register with them. Not my picture, though.

  2. I am writing a book about Florida things that includes a chapter on Osceola. I will mention that the FSU sports moniker is “Seminoles” and that in pregame football ceremonies “Osceola” buries spear in the the middle of the field.

    I like your picture of “Osceola” with a spear. Can I use it in my book if credit you?

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