3000 and counting…

…As opposed to combining Twitter, Facebook and MySpace… MyTwitFace? Would that joke have worked as well? I don’t have a Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace account…. Seems pretty silly (like having a blog). MySpace appears to be ‘so yesterday’ and before you know it there will be a new ‘latest thing’ that will make FaceBook and Twitter just as irrelevant…. There are a lot of Twits with accounts on these sites, which sadly will force me to get accounts to help advertise (if I make it into Zuda)… Anyway, just had to find something with 3,000 in it to fit the post. I didn’t want to go with a ‘Mr. 3000’ clip or worse… And Conan’sokay, I guess….

Three months to a thousand, three weeks to the second thousand and about a week to the third thousand… For some reason I had a whole lot more visitors in the last few days. Apparently someone likes my reviews…. I guess I’ll have to write one for Inglorious Basterds (which I saw at its midnight premiere here at one of the Rave Theaters)…. But right now I want to finish the Zuda thing, so while I’m waiting to hear a ‘go-ahead’  on paying work, I’ll get back to coloring pages. I continue to creep towards the finish line….


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