Wow. 2000 already?!

It took 3 months to get to my first thousand hits… It’s taken 3 weeks to get to the next thousand. Kind of shocked… Again, I know there are blogs that get a gazillion hits per day… Yes, that’s right. A GAZILLION…. But I am very happy and hope that I keep building on that number.

  Yes I’m still working on Zuda…. Finished another page last night. It’s becoming one of those never ending jobs I suppose, but I’m really enjoying the coloring part of this. Every time I do a page, I feel like it’s better than the last one. I started working on another page/screen today before I went to see ‘District 9’. I just got back from that and eating dinner. I’ll write a short review of the movie tomorrow (or is that today?). I’ll go ahead and say that I liked it. A LOT! If you’re going to see GI:Joe, do yourself a favor and see this instead. You’ll thank me later.

I also got another paying job today, so add that to my already full workload and… well…. I better get back to work….


I keep trying to build on the momentum/trickle, so I’ll try to post some better stuff to look at in the near future….


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