Another Stagnated Zuda Progress Update, Rob Liefeld and the Yellow Hat Guy

I’m actually working on my Zuda submission again! Had to stop (for the most part) with relatives in town and had some running around to do yesterday… BUT…. I’m now back on it…. I did manage to work on it a good bit on Saturday, but I was still distracted.  No distractions now (and no paying jobs at the moment) so I ‘ll be devoting all of my time to working on the submission until District 9 hits….

I have one more page to ‘flat’ having finished one last night, so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. While doing so I listened to what I’m calling The Ballad of Yellow Hat Guy. I think someone could write a great parody out of it, but for me it would just be too mean. I won’t post the link (you’ll have to find it on your own), but it involved a comics ‘fanboy’ attending a Chicago Comics Convention (and wearing yellow headgear) who was upset at Rob Liefeld’s handling of Captain America and ‘demanded’ an apology for it, which then turned into a childish prank involving the book How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way. He dropped off a bag with the book inside in front of Liefeld at the convention and basically ran away. It would have ended with Rob laughing this off, but Mr. Yellow Hat (who’s name is Ryan Coons… allegedly) made the mistake of posting about the incident on his blog and posting a short low quality YouTube ‘hidden’ video… Apparently this stirred up a large portion of comicdom and saying that they thought it was in poor taste was a DRASTIC understatement. Morale Outrage on a Grand Scale wouldn’t properly describe it, really…. Liefeld went on a comic book (podcast?) and basically took the high road. Afterwards, they actually got Mr. Yellow Hat on the line (who Rob declined to speak with) where several comic book types proceeded to denigrate this poor masochist… The guy remained on the line for hours (literally) quietly taking in all of the insults with very little response. Then another caller came on and defended Mr. Yellow Hat, said some stupid things, took some of the brunt of insults for Mr. Yellow Hat and then was revealed to be someone who has an axe to grind with Rob Liefeld.

This call-in show went on for HOURS. The swear words after a while had the same effect that Trance music has on me and I even forgot it was still on while I was working at my computer. The swearing started sounding like someone typing in the background… Just HOURS of crude insults hurled at this Yellow Hat Guy.  After a while, I just felt sorry for him, but I think he was enjoying the spotlight to some degree. After reading part of his blog it seemed that this guy might have some emotional problems and it was sad to see that a lot of the comic book ‘professionals’ acted on an even more disgusting level than Coons did. It was also implied many times that this guy ‘could’ve had a gun’ (paraphrasing) and could’ve done something much worse. I can see where artists at conventions feel vulnerable being so accessible to fans, but it seemed a lot like these guys were putting themselves up on the cross a little bit. ‘Much ado about nothing’ is what it all seemed to amount to IMO. Out of all the people that chimed in and that were involved in it, the one who came out of it with the most class was Rob himself. Liefeld was the the target of this whole thing and reacted the way I think someone should have handled it. I have never really gotten why so much hate is directed at Rob. If you don’t like his art; fine…. But I’ve never actually seen him to be anything but a nice guy publicly, so I don’t understand the animosity. Of course I didn’t understand the lowbrow, foul mouthed crudity of the ones defending Liefeld, either.


But after hearing all of it, it just gave me a bit more respect for Liefeld or maybe just reinforced the image I had of the guy already. Rob, if nothing else, presents himself to the public (fans and anti-Rob zealots alike) to be a pretty decent guy. As a lifelong reader of comics, I appreciate that.

I’m getting back to work now….


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