Zuda Full Color Update

It hurts me not to be able to post the ‘Screen 4’ of the 8 screens that I’m working on…I would really like to….  I’ve already posted  too much thus far, probably… I have to say despite the usual mistakes (and a new mistake that I haven’t encountered before), I’m actually fairly proud of the way it turned out. It might be the best thing I’ve ever done, which isn’t saying all THAT much, but it’s not so bad…. But I don’t usually say good things like that about my own work… OR… This might be one of those moments when I finish something and am happy with it for some reason and a day later I spot some huge glaring mistake that’s uncorrectable. I don’t think that’s the case for this particular page…. I’m happy with it. THERE! I said it. I like it…. Which will probably mean noone else likes it, but I don’t care. I like it…. On to flatting the next excessively rendered page!


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