A Thousand Hits

    Whoo-hoo! It’s a start…. I know it’s just a nice round number. People get excited by numbers ending with zeros. 87 isn’t exciting. 100 is. 496 not exciting. 500 exciting. It’s all in the zeros. When I started posting stuff, I really didn’t think I would get 100 hits so I’m a little surprised. I know there are sites out there that get 1000 hits a minute, but I think that’s pretty good for me. I live in Nowhere,Population:Me; so 1000 hits makes me smile. 

I tried to think of things that involve the number 1000. Soungarden’s Room A Thousand Years Wide. Terminator 2’s T-1000. Manji from Blade Of The Immortal who is face with killing 1000 evil men. Then this old Dwight Yoakum tune (from This Time… a really good album) popped in my head. Seemed strangely appropriate from what I had already written. Maybe it was in the back of my mind somewhere.

This doesn’t mean that I’m going to link a 10000 maniacs song or Disturbed’s 10000 fists when I hit the 10000 hit mark. Hopefully I will have something better to post by then….

  My only goal for this blog  now outside of just posting art, is to see if I can get the next thousand quicker than I got the first thousand. Thanks to everyone that has visited my site and who visit my site in the future. And as I always say, don’t be afraid to comment. I appreciate insightful or constructive criticism.


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