Zuda submission Inks:One page to go…

Actually, less than one page to go on my Zuda entry. Well, the ink part anyway. I finished up the inks to the 7th page along with adding some details that I left out of a few panels (Darn disappearing flashlight!). I should finish the last page tonight and scan them all in. Then it’s on to the coloring and lettering….

   …. So… I was taking a break from working on the last page and a half, when my aunt dropped by. I offered her one of my hamburgers that I had cooked. She accepted and while eating said burger,she saw that I had been drawing. She knew that I had been working on this Zuda thing and wanted to see what I had drawn so far.

Yes. I made the mistake of showing her the first 7 pages of my future submission. After studying each page, she sort of shrugged, handed the pages back to me and said she had some errands to run as she walked out the door (still chewing ground chuck-burger).

“You didn’t like it”, I asked. 

She responded very apathetically. “No, it was… okay. I’ve got to go pay some bills. See ya’…”

Translated that means “You’re going to lose. I have to get out of Loserville now. See ya’… Loser. Oh, BTW, you’re art sucks and you need to wash your face. I was just being falsely polite a moment ago.”

(sigh). Is there nothing worse than the apathetic response? She could have just said “meh” for all intents and purposes (except  that she’s not a nerd and ‘meh’ is a nerd-word). Serves me right for showing my art to a family member, though. To think she’s one of my more supportive family member types. And people wonder why I have a complex. Not going to stop me from trying, though. Finish the last page! On to the color! This hole… This quarry hole is mine!!!!

 (Maybe I’ll post a panel or 2 later, when I’m finished.)


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