Zuda Entry stalled for the moment….

This was my target date to have finished the lineart for my Zuda entry, but since I have paying jobs to do I’ve had to put it on hold for a day or 2. I’m about 1.5 pages away from being done, so it won’t be long, but it’s disappointing. Crash! and burn.

I have mentioned this before, but I think I drew too large…. I’ll know better next time, maybe….


2 Responses to “Zuda Entry stalled for the moment….”

  1. crashlanden Says:

    Hey, thanks for the interest BlaqueSaber!… I’m just trying to get the art part finished first, but I’m trying to pay attention to what other Zuda people have been doing. It will be difficult for me if I actually ‘get in’, though, since I’m about as far as you can possibly get from being a self-promoter.

  2. BlaqueSaber Says:

    Well, I think you’re smart to put it off for paid work. Do you have a plan for promoting your zuda project if you get in?

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