Another Zuda progress update among other things….

I’m still working on the inks. Lost a day or so because of a migraine (which I’m still feeling). Hard to work with a migraine, especially when you’re working with a lightbox and computer (“Bright light! Bright light!”)…. The big monster  screen took longer than I thought it would, AND I screwed up. But I was too far along to do anything about it so maybe I can fix it once I scan it in (but probably not)…. The pages so far are mistake ridden and  far too over rendered, but maybe the Zuda folks will like the effort anyway. It is an effort. John Byrne probably pencils and inks 12 pages while I’m still thinking about one. Have I mentioned that I suck? I’m trying, though.

And I finally posted the Public Enemies review that kind of turned into a Marion Cotillard fan gallery at the end…. I’m weak and worthless…. BTW, here’s another pic of Marion.


One freckle on her entire body. Her sexy forehead.

One freckle on her entire body. Her sexy forehead.


3 Responses to “Another Zuda progress update among other things….”

  1. crashlanden Says:

    BTW, are you a Zuda contest participant past, present, or future?

  2. crashlanden Says:

    Yeah. I agree. I think there are people who go to the site and vote based on which they think is the best or like the best based on the art/story (I do), but if someone comes in with a ‘marketing machine’, they usually win. But if you give the Zuda editors a bad product, you probably won’t make it in anyway. I’ll feel like I’ve succeeded if I can just ‘make it to the big dance’. I would want to win of course, but you have to be in there dancing to leave with the girl at the end of the night, I guess….
    But on the other thing, I think you have to be hard on yourself if you want to try and do something with any merit to it, but I’m just naturally self-loathing anyway. I know I’ll have to change that a little if I make it ‘in’. People want to hear confidence and someone standing behind their work, so I might have to beam in my double from that Star Trek universe where they had the Spock with the Fu Manchu.

  3. BlaqueSaber Says:

    I think you’re being REALLY hard on your self. Zuda is a popularity contest, you don’t need the best artwork to win, you need the most votes.

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