Last Post Today… Honest.

This will REALLY be my last post today. I need to get back to work. 5 minutes on the internet can turn into 5 hours if you’re not careful. I’m not getting a whole lot of hits here, but I have to happy that there are more this week than last. I’m heading towards 50 posts, a lot of it being art samples/sketches/etc… Most people aren’t coming here for my art, but for my Drag Me To Hell Spoiler review. But I’m okay with that. At least I now have a place where when people ask “Do you have a website” I can at least direct them here, where they can view a few snippets of my cartoons and past work. Not a REAL website, but I can hear the Jeffersons’ theme song playing in the background. Hopefully  a year from now I will be posting ‘behind the scenes’ sketches and character doodles of my now successful comic work. Progress. I can dream, can’t I?


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