Another old military job…

Took the type off of this one. This was a job for the military that involved ejection seats and one of the first jobs that I ever did as a ‘professional’. Why they wanted the Grim Reaper in the ejection seat, I have no idea…. Seems like it would be bud luck or something….


This WAS just  a one color job. They sold tens of thousands of these….

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15 Responses to “Another old military job…”

  1. Christy Kissler Says:

    Actually if you have a good digital quality print you could have them made individually for a little more than $20 each. Go to I know you won’t sell me the picture but if you think about going this route and can get me just 1 shirt let me know.

    • Crash! Landen Says:

      Hi Christy,

      I looked at the link you sent me an I can probably do what you’re asking, but with a caveat or three.

      I would need to be paid in advance, of course. There would also be a slight markup.

      And I would need to have it shipped to me first in order to determine if I ever wanted to use this option in the future (so you would have to pay the shipping charge from me to you… probably $5). I worry about quality when it comes to these sorts of sites (I have issues with Vistaprint, for instance), so I would want to see it first.

      If you’re interested you can email me directly at: and I can work on getting you a quote (and digging up the original artwork).


  2. Christy Kissler Says:

    Can you sell me the picture with a good resolution so i can make my own shirt? My husband was an AME but got out and is now a Veteran. That was from his favorite shirt but it’s much too small now.

  3. Javier Guzman Says:

    im currently in the navy and i want to get a couple of flight deck jerseys with this design is there a way you could help me out?

    • Crash! Landen Says:

      As I answered below, I wouldn’t be able to get a couple of shirts made. Screenprinters, etc, have minimum print runs. The more you order the cheaper it is per shirt. I haven’t investigated any further than that. And I know I’m just a guy with a blog, but I would require the money up front, that is, after I find out how much it would cost to that. There wouldn’t be an art set-up charge, though.
      But for 2 shirts, sorry, I couldn’t do that.

  4. nicholas young Says:

    yeah I’m a Marine Seat Mech and I had one of these shirts but it got destroyed is there anyway I could get a few for me and the Marines in my shop?

    • Crash! Landen Says:

      How many shirts do you need? I would have to get a quote from one of the printers around here and I would have to reset up the type (I think, unless I still have the art). Most printers have a minimum run (the places I’ve worked for was anywhere from 12 to 120). I would also need the money up front if every thing’s a go.

      Let me know…

  5. i worked on GRUEA-7s for 5 years in the Navy. i have one of these shirts. its now almost 8 years old. i want to get a couple more pretty badly but cant find any. any ideas where to look?

    AME2(AW)- VAQ-140 ’02-’07

  6. Crash! Landen Says:

    Thank you! I appreciate that. I was proud of it being one of the earlier things that I ever did. It’s been around a while.

  7. As an AME in the navy ( aviation mechanic for egress ) if you drew that as a professional your the creator of all the AME shirts I have ever owned.. Props on the good work…

  8. Crash! Landen Says:

    I understand that (I think that was the slogan on the shirts), but the Grim Reaper is ACTUALLY SITTING IN the seat like this is a place of doom where you don’t want to be ( I know it’s better than being in a plane going down…).
    My thought was that what would have made for a ‘clearer message’ would be a giant Grim Reaper in the background with his skeletal hand around the jet that’s crashing/burning while you have a happy/lucky pilot safely sitting in the ejection seat. I thought something like that would ‘tell the story’ a little clearer, that’s all.
    That’s just me, though. I always draw what I’m asked to draw and if my input isn’t wanted I accept that.

  9. im in the navy n i work on ejection seats, the reason for the grim reaper is because they say the seat is “the last thing between life and death” thats why we use it as a symbol.

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