109 Movies Involving Fathers and Stepfathers….

In honor of Father’s Day, here is a list of 109 movies Father’s Day. They all involve fathers and/or stepfathers and sons and/or daughters. Don’t necessarily have to be good. Why 109? I dunno. just because that’s where I stopped. If I’ve missed big ones, please let me know These are just off the top of my noggin…. The Top 10 probably is closer to my actual Top 10, but still isn’t my Official ‘Best’. I probably won’t do that. Anyway, here they are….

Oh, and there is one stipulation to the list…. I have to have seen it….

109 Gremlins

108 Nightmare On Elm Street

107 Pirates Of The Caribbean trilogy

106 The Monster Squad

105 I Know What You Did Last Summer

104 Munich

103 Grand Canyon

102 All I Want For Christmas

101 Ferris Beuller’s day Off

100 The Great Outdoors

99 Raising Arizona (Just put this one up here to remind you that this is not in the order of favorites or importance… It’s just a random list).

98 The Brady Bunch Movie

97 Beetlejuice

96 Dead Poets Society

95 The Lookout

94 The Punisher (Revenge seeking father… See also: Mad Max, The Patriot, etc…)

93 Die Hard/Live Free, Die HArd

92 Dark Crystal (Jen had several adoptive fathers….)

91 3:10 To Yuma

90 Magnolia

89 The Paper

88 The Hunter

87 Used Cars

86 Overboard

85 AI (stands for depressing)…

84 Blade Runner (Figuratively, if nothing else)….

83 Son Of Godzilla

82 The Truman Show

81 Mr. Mom

80 She’s All That

79 Batman Begins

78 Mad Max

77 Ten Things I Hate About You

76 Ransom (Give me back my son!!!!)

75 The Patriot

74 Terminator

73 The Shining

72 The Mosquito Coast

71 What Lies Beneath

70 What Women Want

69 Mrs. Doubtfire

68 Mad Max

67 Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

66 Cape fear

65 There Will Be Blood

64 Conan

63 Winter Passing

62 Road To Perdition

61 Juno

60 Outlaw Josey Wales

59 Robocop

58 The Paper

57 Silver Bullet

56 Kramer Vs. Kramer

55 The Omen

54 Hoosiers

53 Rudy

52 The Godfather

51 Regarding Henry (Don’t know what Hollywood was trying to say in this…. The father (who cheats on his wife and ignores his daughter) is shot… In the head. Then he becomes a better father…. But it’s a decent movie).

50 It’s A Wonderful Life

49 The Sweet Hereafter

48 Zodiac

47 Twelve Monkeys

46 Nobody’s Fool

45 The Phantom

44 Maverick

43 The Parent Trap

42 Back To The Future

41 The Lethal Weapon movies

40 Braveheart

39 The Dead Zone

38 Family Business (2 fathers in this one…)

37 Signs

36 The Phantom

35 Vice Versa

34 The Incredibles

33 Commando

32 The Pursuit Of Happyness

31 American Splendor

30 Children Of The Damned

29 Vice Versa

28 Meet The Parents

27 A Bronx tale

26 Garden State

25 Unbreakable

24 Coming To America

23 Frequency

22 The Empire Strikes Back (and the other Star Wars movies)

21 Kung Fu Panda (Great running gag that never gets brought up in the movie… that the panda’s dad isn’t a panda.)

20 The Passion Of The Christ ( Kind of the ultimate Father-Son relationship)

19 Frailty (Sheer creepiness. A very under-rated movie witha  good twist to it. Probably worked better before Matthew McCohnaughey got so famous…

18 Bambi (Have only seen this once in my life. I think I was 4 and I saw it at a drive-in with my parents… Equally inspired and scarred me. Just has to go on the list for my reverance for Walt Disney – the man, not the company).

17 Pan’s Labyrinth (THE evil stepdad IMO)

16 Some Kind Of Wonderful

15 Absolute Power

14 Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

13 Rushmore

12 Midnight Run

11 Harry And The Hendersons

10 Hot Rod (Step-dad… But everyone knows that if you don’t kick your stepdad’s ass to gain his respect, you will never become a man.)

9 The Royal Tenenbaums (Gene Hackman as Royal….)

8 Hamlet ( Shakespeare. To be or not to be. Enough said)

7 Superman

6 The Return (Great Russian movie… One of the best movie twists ever and it’s after the movie Fades To Black….)

5 Ran (Akira Kurosawa’s best IMHO…)

4 Twilight Samurai (Unforgiven with Samurai. And much more about fatherhood than Unforgiven was).

3 Something Wicked This Way Comes (Always entertained by Jason Robards,  even when he was in a bad movie. Luckily this was a really good one…)

2 A Christmas Story (Darren McGavin as the OLd Man)

1 Breaking Away (Paul Dooley as Mr. Stoller….This is a very 70s era movie, but it still holds up.)

And here’s a few more with noticeably absentee fathers: Slingblade, ET, Lost Boys, The Secret Of NIMH (absent by death), Men Don’t Leave (absent by death), Psycho, North By Northwest….


4 Responses to “109 Movies Involving Fathers and Stepfathers….”

  1. Slytherin's Seeker Says:

    What about the movie titled, The Stepfather??

  2. Anonymous Says:

    love actually!

    • Crash! Landen Says:

      Haven’t seen that one… This isn’t a definitive list, but it is limited by the movies I’ve actually seen, I guess… Maybe that’s one I’ll have to watch.

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