The Hangover Short Review (2009) (2 of 5)

I won’t give away too much in this review like I did with Drag Me To Helll….I’ll just say what I thought about it.

A 100 minute semi-funny time waster.

A 100 minute semi-funny time waster.

Didn’t care for it. Too cliched and no story. A few mild chuckles…. A groom goes to Vegas with 2 buddies and his soon to be Brother-in-law and after some jagermeister and some roofies they party all night long and wake up the next day with no memory of the previous night and the groom is missing. I know I’m not supposed to use too much logic with a light comedy, but wouldn’t the roofies just have knocked them out rather quickly? I’m no roofie expert, but isn’t that why it’s called the date-rape drug?

I believe there are 2 things that I  need to like any particular comedy. One it has to be somewhat funny. Obviously. And 2 it has to have at least 1 character that I care or root for but I don’t even need that if it’s funny. This movie had a funny trailer and a bunch of obnoxious cliched characters. I chuckled here and there but overall it just didn’t appeal to me. Most of the funny moments were from the trailer. Most of the time the actors seemed to be explaining why the gags were supposed to be funny and reminding the audience of things that I didn’t need to be reminded about. I mean would you forget about a live tiger in your bathroom? 

I needed some sort of character arc in a movie and I wanted to like the characters. The closest this had to that was that one character (the dentist played by Ed Helms) decides not to marry his bitchy girlfriend that cheats on him, beats him and controls his thoughts because of a night in Vegas that he doesn’t even remember. Bradley Cooper plays a character that states he hates his wife and kid, but you see no evidence of that towards the end of the movie and no evidence of why he’s changed his stance. Zach Galifianakis had the most chuckles in the movie, but it seemed to me he was trying way too hard to be funny and I guess the writer(s) was trying to be edgy by making the guy a borderline child molester. Very low class use of a baby also…. I do think Galifianakis and Cooper will go on to bigger and better things. Cooper I think will make a pretty good Hal Jordan if he actually gets that part like he’s been rumored to…. And Heather Graham was wasted in this, playing yet another stripper who doesn’t strip (Thanks, Jessica Alba).


Wasted in The Hagover.

Wasted in The Hangover... Not literally.



To be honest I thought this would be a bit raunchier for an R-rated movie, especially since there has been a kind of resurgance of the ‘R’-comedy  after so many chick flicks in the late 90s and early 00s, but the Hangover was fairly tame and most of the raunchier bits were shown by way of still photograph at the end of the movie. What was promised in the trailer wasn’t delivered in the movie… Not that I care for raunch. I just want to watch a good movie.


I won’t say too much more about this. I’m sure I’ll wake tomorrow and not remember seeing this anyway (I just won’t wake up to chickens and tigers). I give this 2 of 5 stars…. Could have been a lot better. Could have been a lot funnier. But it’s a comedy. Everyone has a different sense of humor. Don’t let me stop you from seeing it. But… 

If you want my recommendation, I would tell you to rent another movie with The Hangover’s basic premise: The Night Before with a Pre-Bill & Ted Keanu Reeves and Lori Loughlin, about a guy who loses his prom date in a bad part of town after he’s slipped that era’s version of a roofie. It’s a lighter movie but has a better story, likeable characters, etc…. Or rent Memento, another memory loss movie by The Dark Knight’s Christopher Nolan. It’s a little more serious but is worth watching. Or if you need a comedy with a baby in it, rent a truly great movie like Raising Arizona. Or at the theaters go see the new Star Trek movie. Or Pixar’s Up…. 


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