Green Hornet (2011) Short Review

A Michel Gondry film in name only. He came in late and took the cash, as did the other participants. This film changed hands many times before director Gondry had come aboard and it showed.

The casting of Rogan could have been better had he not played the Rogan comedic persona that weve seen before. I like Rogan, but his shtick combined with a terrible script can make him extremely tiresome. If he had played more serious, at least as serious as how the trailers portrayed the film (when his father is killed, especially), this might have been a little better. As it is, it’s a terrible film with bad casting.

Whoever wrote this showed nothing but disdain for the character and subject matter, taking a big dump of political correctness all over the film. Apparently, this was written by someone who felt it to be racist for a white guy to have an asian subordinate. This is the Kato show, where his genius and superhuman fighting prowess make the title character all but unnecessary.

It should have been called “Kato and the Green Hornet” or simply “Kato”. Rogan plays the Hornet as a goof the entire film. That is, until he gains his own superhuman abilities through sheer osmosis of being in the vicinity of the superior fighting machine that is Kato.

The writer is the most at fault here. There isn’t even an attempt at real story or to be logical. For example, when Rogan decides to fight crime, he and Kato simply hide behind a street bench and it just so happens that thats where an attempted assault occurs. When the bad guy (Christoph Waltz, still in his role from that Tarantino film) wants to go after the Hornet, he simply emails him. Then the Green Hornet shows up and they fight. There are no character motivations here.

Jay Chou (Kato) and Rogan bicker whenever its convenient or things slow down too much. It’s still not even close to being the worst superhero film, though. It has a few laughs and there is occasionaly something thrown in that at least looks like Gondry might have suggested something. The highlight is the fight between Chou and Rogan, but not even Spielberg could have made this into something resembling a worthwhile movie. Terrible waste of celluloid.

2 of 5

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