Boudewijn Pelt Photoshop Plug-In On Simpler Art (3.75 of 5)

I just needed to do a slight re-evaluation of the Boudewijn Pelt Photoshop Plug-In…. It doesn’t work so well when I draw with lots o’lines, but it did make my life a little easier on a job that was a lot ‘cartoonier’… Even though I had seen the Robert Altman film at least a couple of times I have only watched part of one episode EVER of the long running show that I was supposed to ‘draw upon’, so I had to do some research. I think I got all of the main characters in there.

   Just for the heck of it, I tried out the plug-in again… This time it worked a little better, mainly because I had so fewer lines in the art and there were less individual ‘trap-areas’… It probably saved me at least a couple of hours whereas on my Zuda entry, it just made a mess. Here’s how it basically turned out…

First the inital crap sketch for the customer to peruse:


Here’s the lineart (sans helicopter. That was done separately…) which I inked directly from that crap sketch. No wonder all of my art turns out like crap, but I digress…  The art is fairly simple (complete with terrible caricatures)… I cropped it a little, then tried out the plug-in again.


The gang's all here!

The gang's all here!

Next is an approximation of the plug-in’s result… It’s much better than my other attempts using the plug-in.

BPELTresultThere were plenty of spots that needed fixin'; lots of areas that should have been enclosed that weren’t. After a bit of clicking, I got it to look roughly like this:

ResultIt took about an hour to get to this point. It definitely would’ve been a lot more time consuming without the plug-in in this particular case.

So anyways… I colored it quick and it ended up looking like this (but at a higher res):

MASHEDTAnd… that’s it.

I have to rate the Boudewijn Pelt Photoshop Plug-In a little higher on more ‘cartoony’ art. It did make things a LITTLE easier. It’s not perfect, but it did a decent little job on this, so I’ll rate it at 3.75 out of 5 ‘whatevers’…. If you draw cartoons, simple webcomics, whatever; then, this might work for you. And it’s simple to use.

(Trudging away to get back to work…)

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